Friday, January 29, 2016


Posted by: Shona Husk

New year! New goals! New ideas!

And old manuscripts to edit and send out. Errr….

I wanted to start the year in a flurry of fresh ideas, new stories and excitement.

Instead I have spent January editing. Editing is vital (no one needs to see my first drafts) it can sometimes be fun and rewarding to get a story pulled into shape. But when my heart is bursting with all the shiny awesomeness of a dozen new stories editing is well, like being forced to eat tinned beetroot or marshmallows (I hate tinned beetroot and marshmallows—yes I know I am weird).

I am on to the third novella to be edited this month. When it’s done I can play with the shiny. But not even that is motivational enough. After all the story I’m working on has no deadline. It isn’t contracted. There is no pressure. 

So I play mind games. One scene. One chapter. Ten pages. Write that new scene and slot it in.

Last year I tried a new method, where I would write 1k/day on the shiny and then edit for the rest of the day. Sometimes that works, sometimes it becomes an excuse because I’m so into the new story it would be a shame to break the flow…

I know I will get there in the end. It’s just that at chapter one the end seems so far away.

What are your motivational tricks?
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  1. Yes, so many new shinys! I'm locked into rewrite mode for probably another four months (Yes, I'm slow) until the contracted novel is done. And there are three new books I'm dying to write and three others I need to revise and get out the door.

    Once I finish the second draft, I may let myself play with something new after making quota on the 3rd draft. Or give myself Mondays to work on something different. That's worked for me in the past.


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