Sunday, January 3, 2016

Goals for 2016

Posted by: Sonya
Do you make new year’s resolutions or goals? I used to, but then I finally gave up. Year after year of failing to achieve resolutions, year after year of changing my goals or failing to meet them, or worse, both – it got to where it seemed pointless. I even stopped coming up with writing goals for the new year. But I must be feeling optimistic about 2016 because I’ve decided to set some writing goals for the year.

In no particular order:

  • I have a work in progress I really want to finish. It’s the superhero story I’ve been working on for months, and I’d love to finish it, even if it winds up being a standalone and not the series I’d originally envisioned.
  • I have a story concept for another music book, this one paranormal. It will probably be a short novel, anywhere from forty to sixty thousand words. 
  • The last time I challenged myself to write something different and outside my comfort zone, I came up with GOOD TIME BAD BOY. I’d like to think that worked out pretty well. So I want to write something else outside my usual domain, but in a different direction from the small town romance of GTBB. I’ve got some ideas that I’m going to let percolate for a bit, then I’ll give it a go.

That’s it, just three things. One story I’d like to finish, two I’d like to write entirely this year. This makes the beginning of 2016 the most ambitious I’ve felt in some time. Hopefully putting my goals down in writing will make me feel more accountable and I’ll get these stories finished. Do you have writing goals for 2016?

Here’s to ambition in the new year!

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