Thursday, January 28, 2016

10 Reasons Why Books Are Better Than Your Ex’s Mother

Posted by: R.L. Naquin
I doubt any of us here need a list of why books are better than anything. If you're hanging out here at Here Be Magic, you're likely to believe (like me) that there aren't a whole lot of things in life that are better than books. Even sex and chocolate need to watch their backs, because books are a pretty big deal.

Still, here's a ridiculous list based partially on experience and partially on things I've observed. I hope with all my heart that none of you can relate to every single one.

I won't tell you which parts are from my own experience, but at least half of them left me feeling a little bitter and "anti-nostalgic." Is that a word? It totally should be a word. I bet there's a word in German for it. They have a word for everything.

  1. Books think you’re plenty good enough for them, their sequels, and the books sitting next to them on the bookshelf. 
  2. Books never interrupt you when you have something to say – nor do they give a fig about your tone when you say it. 
  3. Books are there when you need them, but never butt in when you already know what you’re doing. 
  4. Books won’t tell you to “toughen up” when you get emotional. 
  5. Books won’t judge you for staying in your pajamas all day, eating in bed, or gaining some weight. 
  6. Books don’t show up unannounced, then comment about how dirty your house is. 
  7. Books don’t care if you have children or not, and they don’t care how your raise them. 
  8. Books are straightforward in their dealings – never passive-aggressive in any way. 
  9. Books won’t tell you the same story over and over unless you enjoyed that story and want to hear it again. 
  10. Books will never compare you to the last person who read them.
If any of these rang true, I hope none of it happens to you again. If all of it rang true, send me an email and tell me your story. I'll send you a digital copy of one of my books to cheer you up. Because books are always better than anything else.

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  1. Books do not ignore you when meet them for the first time.

    1. Oh dear. That's a new one. Sorry to hear that. :-( But books! :-)


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