Tuesday, July 15, 2014

The Hero's Journey and the Magic Mirror

Posted by: Jeffe Kennedy
Between yesterday's Here Be News, my scheduled post today and Win-A-Book Wednesday tomorrow, the first half of this week on Here Be Magic is all about my new release, Going Under.

Ironic, since it's a contemporary erotic romance with nothing magical or speculative fiction about it.


See, this story is about, Emily, a woman who designs role-playing video games. She's brilliant at it, but she created a game that pissed off the online trolls. They went after her with a vengeance, intent on destroying her. She ends up fired from her job, divorced - and terrified. Going into hiding, she assumes a secret identity - that of "Phoenix" - a reclusive and enigmatic game designer everyone assumes is a man.

Because Emily lives in the world of storytelling and fantasy, her own tale is full of those metaphors. She's created layers of identities for herself, avatars that she wears in real life also, to protect her secrets. As she begins to fall in love, it becomes clear that the gaming metaphor she's created - of the hero facing him or herself in the mirror, passing through and coming out changed in some way - speaks to her own life, her own journey.

We often talk here on the Here Be Magic blog, about the fantastic being a metaphor for our daily lives. We read and write it both to escape, but also to see ourselves and our problems in a different light.

And to emerge full of hope.

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