Monday, March 2, 2020

HERE BE NEWS for March 2, 2020

Posted by: Dani Harper, Author


Monday, February 24 
"HERE BE NEWS" - All the latest from the gang at Here Be Magic.

Tuesday, February 25 -
"DISTRACTIONS" - Every writer gets them! Author PG Forte asks "What tricks do YOU use to get yourself back on track when you’ve fallen off the writing wagon?" 

Thursday, February 27 -
SCI-FI FLASH FICTION today! Read "HAPPY BIRTHDAY" by Linda Mooney, plus get a look at her shiny new sci-fi romance, "Return to Neverwylde". 


Erotic Sci-Fi/Paranormal/

Futuristic Romance
by Linda Mooney 
writing as Carolyn Gregg

Word Count: 25.6K

$2.99 e

A "Choose Your Ending" Romance! 

Asa Kelby, Director of Entrapment for WesCept, never knows what his job will entail day in and day out. After the earth passed through a comet’s tail, wiping out 90% of all animal species, life changed drastically for both humans and remaining animals. Gone is the surplus of meat for meals, domestic pets, and farm animals. But companies like WesCept are working hard to reverse that.

Scientists have developed a machine that can reach back in time, seize animals of all shapes and sizes, and transport them forward to current time to repopulate the Earth, bringing those species back from extinction, and also provide food for meat-eaters. The biggest problem is they have no control over what animals the Grabber will trap, or even WHEN in history those animals will come from.

At great risk, Asa’s boss tells him to turn up the power on the Grabber, in hopes of bringing in bigger game, but they weren’t quite expecting it to bring in something quite as large or prehistoric as they are soon facing. When the mistake is realized, it’s too late, and they get more than they bargained for. More than the history of Earth itself ever knew existed.

And it will shake the very core of everyone’s belief as to humanity’s past.


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