Friday, March 27, 2020

What To Do When You're Quarantining

Posted by: PG Forte
According to the last figures I saw, one third of the world's population is currently on lockdown. These are scary, uncertain times, which does not make staying home and social distancing yourself any less least for some of us. I'm looking at you extroverts!

To help us get through this challenging time, I've compiled a list of entertaining options.

If music is your thing, The At Home Concert Series might be just what you're looking for:

For a more classic approach check out these streaming Operas:

I think we can blame Neil Diamond for the current spate of mutated song lyrics:

But then everyone else had to get in on the act, posting their own re-written song lyrics:

But this is a blog about books. So here's Josh Gad reading to your kids:

Or...Sir Patrick Steward reading sonnets to you:

For those DIYers who like to read for themselves (and why not? We know you have the time!) here's a handy Dystopian Reading List:

Also check out Jenny Schwartz’ awesome Faerene Apocalypse series  (book 5 is out April 6):

One of my publishers, Entangled Publishing, has put a good portion of its catalog on sale. .99 for all category imprints and the first book in all series (including my own Children of Night series) is FREE:

 Sometimes, we just want to be entertained. Here's a list of Broadway Plays streaming for free:

And, if you really "need a little Christmas" Hallmark is bringing back its Christmas Movies

Here are some suggestions for making art while on Lockdown:

And if your kids are also chomping at the bit, here're some kick-ass virtual field

Or you could use this time to get healty with online Cooking Courses: Art in Lockdown:

Or online Exercise classes: I've moved my yoga practice to my guest bedroom for the duration. 

If you're still feeling bored, surely this list has something to excite you: 100 Things to do while you’re in quarantine:

And if you just want a good laugh: Quarantine Humor:

More people entertaining themselves during lockdown:

Stay safe everyone!

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