Tuesday, September 24, 2019

A Cleansing of the Soul

Posted by: Linda Mooney
I just got back from a quick two-night trip to Dinosaur Valley State Park in Glen Rose, Texas. And, yes, that's a real fossilized dinosaur track you see right there. My trip was two-fold: to clear my head of my current WIP, and to recharge my creative batteries to get some new ideas for more books.

But, along the way, a funny thing happened. I was able to reconnect with what my soul needed. I was able to visit a small town with deep, hometown-ish roots, meet new, interesting, and very friendly folk, and I was reminded of the fact that sometimes real life is just as important as my fantasy one.

I love my fantasy worlds, but sometimes we need to slow down, breathe in the fresh air, and observe the beauty and uniqueness of what's around us. We need to travels to new locales. We need to take safe risks. And we need to remember what makes this world worth living in. 

Writing is my passion. But our best work comes from what we experience in life. It's simply a matter of getting up from the computer and going out there to find it.



The Veils Trilogy, Book 1

Sci-Fi/Paranormal/Contemporary Fantasy Romance
By Linda Mooney
Word Count: 36.9K
$2.99 e / $9.99 p

After three tours of duty, and serving the last four years overseas, Griffin Strong is looking forward to finally returning home and living out his life without bombings and bloodshed. After a 300-mile drive home, a quick trip through the car wash ends in another reality. An eerie, fog-covered reality where he is all alone…or so he thought.  

With no electricity, cars that don’t function, and guns that won’t fire, Griff has to find protection for himself, but protection against what exactly? What the hell even happened? Survival instincts kicking in, he stocks up on whatever he can carry, and sets out on his own.

Griff soon learns that he’s not completely alone, although life of any form is rare to come across, but whom can he trust?

When the subway in Manhattan dumps Natalia Westfall in a snow-covered, deserted town far from New York, she’s left alone, frozen, and desperate. Hope lies in a uniformed military man, but will he want to be weighed down by a sick, weak female like her? Griff takes a chance, and it doesn’t take him long to learn she’s anything but weak.

Facing thirst, starvation, acid rain, enemies, and extreme temps--what will get them first? The odds are stacked against them, and all they can count on is each other.

Warning! Contains a red raincoat, a handy dandy trowel, first dibs, Boom!, strained coffee, an antique car, an implausible but possible theory, a rain of sand, and two strangers finding themselves thrust into a situation where their lives depend on trusting each other.

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