Tuesday, July 2, 2019

Canadian SF/F Reads

Posted by: Nicole Luiken
Today as I write this it is Canada Day (July 1st) so I thought it might be fun to do a quick rundown of all the Canadian SF/F novels I've read so far this year. Here it is in reverse chronological order:

1/ Privilege of Peace by Tanya Huff. SF with a mixed human and alien military. This is the last in the long-running Torin Kerr/Confederation series and the Peacekeeper subseries. Basic series premise: the Elder Races are non-violent and so when their Confederation is attacked by the Primacy, they enlist the help of the Younger Races (human, Krai and diTaykan) to fight the war.

2/ A Magical Inheritance by Krista D. Ball. A charming Regency-era England plus magic but no romance, not even a subplot.

3/The Piper of Shadonia by Linda Smith. I recently found out that this was published post-humously by my dear friend Linda. It is a teen fantasy novel and gives a very thoughtful examination of the price of rebellion.

4/ Jade City by Fonda Lee. This one was nominated for and/or won) a lot of awards last year and it's easy to see why. The world is refreshingly unique: mafia type feuding families who use magical jade to do martial arts. Sequel Jade War is out soon.

5/ Theater of Spies by S.M. Stirling. Book two. Alternate history set in a World War I where Teddy Roosevelt won a second term of office. Luz and her lover Ciara are kickass spies who fight very Nazi-like Germans.

6/ Judgment Daze by Jonathan Sean Lyster. Off-the-wall urban fantasy featuring a lot of brothers who are the sons of God and thus have Messiah-like superpowers. A lot of fun.

 7 & 8 / Pile of Bones and Path of Smoke, first two books in the Parallel Parks series by Bailey Cunningham. Graduate students by day, citizens of Roman-inspired city with magic by night.

9/ The Quantum Magician by Derek Kunsken. Genetically-altered super-genius hired to run a con in order to sneak a fleet of spaceships through a nexus points. The plot is clever and the Puppets were chilling.

10/ The Rebel by Gerald Brandt. Finishes up the dystopic/rebellion San Angeles trilogy featuring a courier who finds out too much and is marked for death by the corporations running the world.

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