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HERE BE NEWS for April 15, 2019

Posted by: Dani Harper, Author

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Monday, April 8 
"HERE BE NEWS" - All the latest from the gang at Here Be Magic.

Tuesday, April 9 -
Like books with suspense and danger? Shona Husk talks about her Coven of the Raven series.  

Saturday, April 13 - 
This week's Bring It Back(list) feature is STORM WARRIOR, Book 1 of the Grim Series by Dani Harper – and all ebooks in the series are currently on sale for 99¢. Scroll down for details.

New Release:

(Coven of the Raven 3)

by Shona Husk

A love potion gone wrong leads to a goddess hijacking Alexis’s body. Now Alexis will do anything to catch her boss's eye. It’s unfortunate that he starts to notice her for all the wrong reasons. Such as the army of cats following her around.

Peyton Kilpatrick has always kept his relationship with Alexis professional despite the simmering interest. But something has changed, she crackles with magic and she wants more from him than he’s able to give. As a witch and a lawyer his life is complicated enough, throw in a hell hound bite that causes all kinds of side effects around the full moon and he really isn’t boyfriend material.

When Alexis finally gets Peyton in bed, things get hairy. Peyton reveals what he is and convinces her to give up her new-found power. If she doesn’t get rid of the goddess inhabiting her body, she’ll die.

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New Release:


by Linda Mooney

Paranormal Romance
Word Count: 42.2K
$3.99 e / $9.99 p

It started with a winning lottery ticket, and could end with her death.

What would you do with $597 million? 

Despite her estranged fiancé raving that it’s a waste of money, Maren Padgett decides to try her luck and buys a lottery ticket with the last few bucks in her wallet. What could it hurt? What Burke Shavet wasn’t expecting was for Maren to actually win. With dollar signs in his eyes, he starts making big plans for the big winnings, contrary to Maren begging him to slow down. She’s uncomfortable with how fast he’s moving, with good reason. 

She should’ve trusted her instincts. Pushing a spur of the moment trip to the Grand Canyon, Burke had it all planned out… 

Maren owes her life to the people living at the bottom of the canyon. Especially to the mysterious black-haired man named Thann who rescued her. The problem is she doesn’t remember why her life was in danger to begin with. She can’t remember anything actually. But slowly, her memories are returning, and no one is happy with what she’s recalling.

Warning!  Contains lumpy soap, a shopping spree, a heavy load, an Oscar-worthy performance, five hundred million reasons, white water, petroglyphs, and a devastating act that brings two people together seeking justice...and love.
Bring It Back(list):


by Dani Harper

Book 1 of the Grim Series
Kindle versions in the series currently on sale for 99¢

Two thousand years ago, Rhys was the fierce Celtic warrior branded by the Romans as “the Bringer of Death.” Mortally wounded in battle, he was captured by the Fair Ones, cunning and powerful masters of the Welsh faery realm. They spared his life…but for a price. As a grim, he has roamed the earth as a messenger of death—until a single act of kindness breaks the ancient enchantment and delivers him into a strange new world…

As a child, Morgan Edwards marveled at the faery tales spun by her beloved grandmother, stories of the magical beings hidden in the heart of ancient Wales. But now Morgan is all grown up, a veterinarian who believes only in what science can prove—until the night a massive black dog saves her from a vicious attack, and life as she knows it changes forever. Suddenly a stranger stands before her, the man of her dreams made flesh and blood not by science, but by a magic that could bring them their hearts’ desires ... or cost them everything they have.

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