Wednesday, April 17, 2019

The Soundtrack of Writing

Posted by: Linda Mooney
Some authors like to listen to music when they're writing, mostly to block out extraneous noise that would interrupt their stream of concentration. Other authors need absolute silence. Me, I fall into the former category.

However, I cannot listen to songs. As a professionally trained singer and musician, listening to a song means I pay attention to the lyrics and the melody. Yes, I love songs, especially when I can relate them to the hero and heroine in my book. But for general writing, I turn to movie soundtracks. More specifically, to the orchestral versions. But, again, I found myself being distracted at times because I'd recall the specific scene going on in the movie during that musical interlude.

It was by accident that I discovered trailer music. You heard me.

Trailer music -- music specifically written for movie trailers that studios can use in their trailers when the movie's actual soundtrack hasn't yet been solidified.

This is fully orchestrated music, written in song-length excerpts of 2-3 minutes each, and featuring everything from soaring dynamics to upbeat tempos. From gentle measures that almost caress your inner soul, to harsh and pounding drumbeats that sound like advancing armies or themes of war.

So if you have eclectic tastes like I do, and if you enjoy this kind of music, I heartily recommend you check out the following four artists: Audiomachine, The Immediate (look for their Trailerhead series), Position Music, and Two Steps from Hell

These are the soundtracks to my books.

A Sensuous Paranormal Romance

Word Count: 42.2K
$3.99 e / $9.99 p

It started with a winning lottery ticket, and could end with her death.

What would you do with $597 million?

Despite her estranged fiancĂ© raving that it’s a waste of money, Maren Padgett decides to try her luck and buys a lottery ticket with the last few bucks in her wallet. What could it hurt? What Burke Shavet wasn’t expecting was for Maren to actually win. With dollar signs in his eyes, he starts making big plans for the big winnings, contrary to Maren begging him to slow down. She’s uncomfortable with how fast he’s moving, with good reason. 

She should’ve trusted her instincts. Pushing a spur of the moment trip to the Grand Canyon, Burke had it all planned out… 

Maren owes her life to the people living at the bottom of the canyon. Especially to the mysterious black-haired man named Thann who rescued her. The problem is she doesn’t remember why her life was in danger to begin with. She can’t remember anything actually. But slowly, her memories are returning, and no one is happy with what she’s recalling.

Warning! Contains lumpy soap, a shopping spree, a heavy load, an Oscar-worthy performance, five hundred million reasons, white water, petroglyphs, and a devastating act that brings two people together seeking justice...and love.

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