Monday, November 5, 2018

HERE BE NEWS for November 5, 2018

Posted by: Dani Harper, Author
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"HERE BE NEWS" - All the latest from the authors at Here Be Magic.

Tuesday, October 30 - 

"THE 12 DAYS OF SAMHAIN" - Looking for a Halloween carol to sing? Author Linda Mooney has written one for you! 

Wednesday, October 31 - 
"FEAR AND HOPE ON ALL HALLOW'S EVE" - Author Jenny Schwartz talks about how Halloween may bring BOTH emotions to the surface.

Thursday, November 1 - 
"MY FAVORITE CREEPY STORIES" - Author Angela Korra'ti lists five of her favorite books, and five of her favorite movies!

Friday, November 2 - 
"MY FAVORITE MONSTER" - WE HAVE WINNERS in our Halloween Giveaway at Here Be Magic! We received a lot of great comments about YOUR favorite monsters too!

Saturday, November 3 - 
This week's Bring It Back(list) feature is "IN THE DARK" by PG Forte. See all the details below.


Bring It Back(list) Feature:

When you live forever, you're bound to make a few mistakes.


San Francisco, 1969. Vampire Conrad Quintano has been around for centuries—long enough to know that falling for a human is a terrible idea. Much less falling for adventure-seeking hippie Desert Rose. An even more terrible idea? Agreeing to raise her babies and protect them with his life.

Present day. Marc and Julie Fischer have always known they’re vampires. Raised in virtual isolation, they’ve never known their parentage or their unique status in the world. But once their uncle comes to take them home, the family reunion is nothing like they anticipated and they’re thrust into a world they’re completely unprepared for.


Sales, Contests and Events:

We have WINNERS!

We had a lot of fun and hope that you did too! Not only did we receive a lot of entries, but we were delighted to read all the great comments about YOUR favorite monsters! 

THANK YOU to everyone who entered!

  1. Brenda Rezk wins an EBOOK of "Old Sins, Long Shadows" by PG FORTE
  2. Amber Terry wins an EBOOK of "A Hunt by Moonlight" by SHAWNA REPPERT
  3. Debbie Plesha wins her choice of an EBOOK by DANI HARPER
  4. Tammie King wins a "Boxed Set" (ebooks) of the Ravensblood Series by SHAWNA REPPERT
  5. Mandy Baker wins her choice of an EBOOK by CINDY SPENCER PAPE
  6. Melannie Savell wins an EBOOK: "Between a Rock and a Hard Dragon" by CINDY SPENCER PAPE plus a Halloween short story
  7. Gayle Oreluk wins a signed PRINT copy of "Queen Takes Knights" by JOELY SUE BURKHART
  8. Beverly Laude wins her choice of an EBOOK by LINDA MOONEY
9. Reyna Herrera wins a $60 Amazon Gift eCard from all the authors at Here Be Magic

All winners are contacted directly by email. Be sure to check your spam filter!

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