Tuesday, October 23, 2018

When I'm not writing...

Posted by: Shona Husk
(yes that is my foot)
I went back to ballet this year after having 18 months off because the class times clashed with work (I'd only been going for a year before that but I'd become hooked). I'd always wanted a pair of red shoes (yes I know the stories, but I love red shoes), so when I saw a pair on line I jumped at the chance to have them.

I'm sure you'll agree they are rather amazing.

A couple of months ago I got my first pair of pointe shoes (not red, but it was still super exciting).
Also my feet... in 4th

3 things I've learned while en pointe

  • Pointe shoes aren't excruciating, more pressure than anything.
  • Pointe shoes are like avocados. Too hard, too hard. perfect! eh too soft...
  • OMG the core workout from stabilising myself in the center. 

I did ballet for a bit as a kid (but had my lessons stopped) and only took it up as an adult because I was researching for In The Spotlight which has a ballet dancer hero.

Next year I'll be doing an exam because it's always good to have goals.

What hobby do you have that is something no one would expect?


  1. I love the red shoes! I have them in blue and green (still looking for a purple pair). I haven't done pointe in a very long time, but you deserve a round of applause for all your hard work!
    I'm not sure why everyone is always shocked I do needle crafts (knit, crochet, cross-stitch), but it seems to surprise people when they find out.

  2. Yay, Shona! I'm glad you found your way back! I didn't take my first ballet class until I was in college, but I'm still taking them today ;) And LOL--that is SO true about pointe shoes! I need to start sewing the next pair now!


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