Friday, July 21, 2017

For Readers and Authors - 5 Suggestions When You Attend a Booksigning

Posted by: Linda Mooney
It's that time of year! Authors and readers are attending all sorts of get-togethers. Whether it's your first booksigning, or one of many, here are a few tips and suggestions for both authors and readers. And, trust me, these are things I've learned first-hand.

If you've read that author's work, and you enjoyed it, please tell them! Knowing that others appreciate their book(s) is what gives authors the inspiration to keep writing! You might be on the shy side (and they probably are too – many authors are notorious introverts but we do love to meet readers!), but a little conversation goes a long way

2. Tell the author what you like to read, even if it's "a little bit of everything". Or ask "What's your best-selling title?". Better yet, "What would you suggest for a person who's never read anything sci-fi (or other genre)?"

Don't be afraid to pick up a book and read the blurb. Or glance inside and read a page or two. Don't hesitate to ask for help, such as, "Do you have any shifters that aren't wolves?"

4. You can always ask for the author's business card or bookmarks so you can check their website at a later date, at your leisure. Sometimes authors also have little giveaway items like pens and candy, which they brought just to give away so please don’t hesitate to pick some up. The author will be happy you did!

5. Get autographs and take pictures! 

1. Say "Hi." Make some kind of small talk. Try to avoid making the reader feel as if you're swooping down on them. Worse, don't make it appear as if you're ignoring them by reading your phone.

2. Give the reader/would-be buyer an inkling of the genres you write, including if any are sweet, steamy, erotic, etc. They may be open to trying something new.

3. Yes, money is tight, so you have to be choosy about your giveaways. I try to be practical (pens, notepads, lip balm) and try to come up with inexpensive items that readers will use and not throw away once they get home.

4. Be open to both cash and credit card sales. Don't restrict yourself to one form of currency. Price your books to avoid having to mess with change, and include tax in the price.

5. Mingle with the readers when you get the chance. Don't forget to thank the person(s) who make the event possible. And if it's at a hotel, take a moment to chat and be friendly with the staff. A little kindness goes a long way.

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