Saturday, October 29, 2016

The Transition that Became a Book

Posted by: Jeffe Kennedy

At last! The next installment in Lonen and Oria's epic tale is here!

I have a somewhat sheepish confession to make. You can gaze on this gorgeous cover by Louisa Gallie to salve your soul while you brace yourself. I'll wait.


(It really is a pretty cover, isn't it?)

Okay, this is not the book I meant to write.

Well, it's part of it, but not all of it. This sometimes happens to authors like me, who discover the story as they write. I had a pretty good idea of what this book should do storywise. I thought. (Spoilers here for the first two books, LONEN'S WAR and ORIA'S GAMBIT, if you're not caught up on the series.) I figured it would see Lonen and Oria escaping Bára, journeying to Dru and continuing the war from there, to the dramatic conclusion. I had all sorts of stuff in mind for what would happen in Dru and the various challenges they'd face.

I even fretted over my certainty that this book should be called THE TIDES OF BÁRA when very likely 75-80% of the story would take place in Dru.

Silly me.

Turns out that there will be at least book four (possibly six or seven) and that the next is called THE FORESTS OF DRU for a really good reason. Because that's the next phase in the story. 

What I thought would be a fraught journey to Dru turned into an epic adventure. It seemed Lonen and Oria had much more to overcome during their travels than I'd realized. No small transition there.

Which is okay, because I love this story - and a great deal more has been laid into the foundation of the ongoing conflict.

Can't wait for you all to read it!


A Narrow Escape 

With her secrets uncovered and her power-mad brother bent on her execution, Princess Oria has no sanctuary left. Her bid to make herself and her new barbarian husband rulers of walled Bára has failed. She and Lonen have no choice but to flee through the leagues of brutal desert between her home and his—certain death for a sorceress, and only a bit slower than the blade.

A Race Against Time 

At the mercy of a husband barely more than a stranger, Oria must war with her fears and her desires. Wild desert magic buffets her; her husband’s touch allures and burns. Lonen is pushed to the brink, sure he’s doomed his proud bride and all too aware of the restless, ruthless pursuit that follows…

A Danger Beyond Death… 

Can Oria trust a savage warrior, now that her strength has vanished? Can Lonen choose her against the future of his people? Alone together in the wastes, Lonen and Oria must forge a bond based on more than lust and power, or neither will survive the test…

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