Thursday, October 29, 2015

Vampire Week: Doing my Own Thing

Posted by: Kathleen Collins
I am one of those people that when I'm told I can't do something I purposely go out and do it. You all know someone like that I'm sure. In fact, I'll let you in on a little secret. My entire vampire mythology was created just because someone said I couldn't so I guess I should thank them. Let me explain.

A long, long time (a few years) ago in a dark and depressing place known as the internet, a friend and I came across a tirade about vampires, particularly as they are used in paranormal romance. I realize tirade is a strong word, but in this case it's an accurate one. It basically was a list of all the things vampires do in paranormal romance and why it's wrong.

Point one: Vampires are undead. Therefore if they have sex with someone it's necrophilia.

At the core I have a problem with this statement because last I checked your typical corpse didn't walk and talk but whatever. Plus, vampires are sexy. Well, some of them are anyway. (Alexander Skarsgard, anyone?) Me being me took it one step further. My vampires aren't undead. Their lives have been extended through the use of ancient blood magic. And my vampires have sex. Because why live forever if you can't get laid?

Point Two: Vampires can not have babies.

Mine do. They have babies and the babies grow up and can choose whether or not to become full vampire so take that.

Point Three: Vampires can not go out in sunlight, see their reflections, etc

Yeah, mine do all that too. I actually have fun coming up with reasons why those myths came into being in the first place and explaining them away in my books.

Point Four: Vampires must consume blood and only blood.

Okay, so my vampires do drink blood to refuel the spell that lengthens their lives, and just because they like it, but they eat other things too. Again, why would you want to live forever if you couldn't have ice cream and Chipotle?

I'm sure their were other things but alas time has swept them from my brain. I do however vividly remember the part where she said if you didn't adhere to any of these rules to get out of her genre. Yes, she actually said that. Instead of getting out, I wrote a book contrary to everything she said and got it published.  That probably gives you a little more insight into my personality than I should have given you, huh?

So what twists on the vampire mythology do you love from books or movies? Please share them with me so I can add them to my list of things I must see/read.

Kathleen Collins is the author of the Realm Walker series. She loves vampires and all manner of creatures that go bump in the night. You can find her on her website or facebook

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