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Here Be News

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New Releases

Entice Me, a multi-genre romance boxed set, released Saturday Oct, 10. Here be Magic member Cindy Spencer Pape is featured, with a medieval paranormal novella entitled, Beltane Lion. (Available at Amazon, i-Tunes, Barnes & Noble, Smashwords, and All Romance e-Books)

Blurb Rhodri of Llyan has returned from the Crusades a cursed man.  On the way home to Wales, a young friend is sorely injured. Rhodri seeks the aid of village healer, Selene, whose gift for healing is as uncanny as her beauty.  Selene’s magic can cure wounds, but she isn’t sure she can break the curse or heal the wounds on Rhodri’s heart? 


Beyond Regeneration, new release from Jenny Schwartz ventures into scifi romance territory on the gorgeous south west coast of Australia. A handsome doctor, spies and a truly unexpected alien.

Beyond Regeneration is a novel of old grief and new beginnings. The science is fabulous, more fiction than fact, but the emotions are real. This is the story of a woman badly hurt by life who finds the courage to embrace the unbelievable, and love again.

Exclusive to Amazon, free on Kindle Unlimited


Undercover Gorgon: Episode #0 — Becoming (A Mt. Olympus Employment Agency Miniseries)

Patrice has never been comfortable in her own skin. At midnight on her twentieth birthday, her magical Stealth Insurance lapses, leaving her with a headful of live snakes and an aversion to bright light. Now she understands why being human never felt quite right.

Finally in the green skin the gods intended for her, Patrice moves into her new life as a receptionist at the Mt. Olympus Employment Agency. The day job sucks. But sometimes, a problem comes across Patrice’s desk she believes only she can solve. After hours, the magical items in the offices upstairs are left hanging on the walls unused. Who’s going to notice if she borrows a pair of winged sneakers, an arrow tipped with love dust, or a pair of enchanted scissors?

Everything will work out fine—as long as she doesn’t get caught.

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New in Print

Cindy Spencer Pape's PRISM-award winning novel Sea Change, is now available in print from Ellora's Cave:

Shot at by drug dealers and left to drown, marine biologist Heidi is rescued by the hottest boat bum she’s ever seen. Tall, dark and handsome, Jake is every girl’s dream. But with her best friend missing or dead and the bad guys still after her, the last thing she has time for is romance.
As a merman, exiled from his colony and cursed to shapeshift with the moon, Jake can’t afford to be around humans, especially a marine biologist who might discover his species. But he can’t throw Heidi to the drug dealers and the possibly corrupt law enforcement. He’ll fight drug lords, pirates and even the gods to protect her. More complications arise when Jake’s family shows up looking for help, but the biggest problem of all is whether Jake and Heidi can resist the massive attraction that grows between them.

Member News

Jeffe Kennedy attended the first annual Reading Until Dawn Con last weekend. Many games were played, dances danced and books signed. Here she is signing with Darynda Jones and talking with fab conference organizer Casey Harris Parks. A great time was had by all!


  1. Sea Change definitely caught my eye! I love anything to do with water. There are some other good looking ones and I appreciate you sharing them with us.
    sherry @ fundinmental

    1. Thanks! Sea Change is a particular favorite of mine, so I hope you enjoy it!


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