Saturday, October 17, 2015

Got my mojo workin'

Posted by: Sonya
One of my favorite characters I've written is Roxie Mathis, the lead in one of the first books I wrote, MOJO QUEEN. Roxie's a witch with her own paranormal investigations business, a BFF who is both a vampire and her ancestor (that would be Daniel, another of my favorite characters), and sometimes questionable taste in men. The rights to MOJO QUEEN, as well as two more Roxie books, RED HOUSE and HOODOO WOMAN, reverted back to me some time ago but I never got around to doing anything with the books. Well, I finally got around to it. MOJO QUEEN is back out in the world and the other two books will follow shortly.

Hoodoo and high magic are on a collision course. 
Not only can Roxie Mathis mix herbs and roots for spells to do good or ill, she can see auras and spectral entities. Her magical gifts allow her to help people with their supernatural problems, but when she’s hired to exorcise a demon from a young woman, Roxie discovers the limits of her powers. 
If that weren’t challenge enough, a handsome sorcerer on the rebound has set his sights on Roxie. All sexy smirk and dark temptation, Blake Harvill is nothing but trouble. But he’s also in danger from the very demon he conjured, and that’s something Roxie can’t turn away from. In way over her head, it’s not going to be enough for her to just be a paranormal investigator and old school root worker – she’s going to have to be the Mojo Queen.

You can read the first chapter here on my website. Here's a short excerpt featuring one of my favorite moments between Roxie and Blake the Shady Sorcerer.
“I mean, not to knock the Broom Closet or anything.” 
I blinked at the sudden change of subject. 
“But I hope you’re past any naiveté about all that. Wicca’s a lovely thing. Very spiritual, and nourishing and warm and, uh…” Oh, go ahead, say fuzzy, you know you want to. But he plowed ahead. “We’re talking about real magic here. We’re talking about Mysteries.” 
I could hear the capital “M.” 
“Aligning all the energy of your being, all of your willpower, all of your intention, with the natural forces that make up the universe, and using all of that power to create an outcome of your design. That’s what magic is.” He paused. 
I ate the last bite of my French toast and wondered if I snagged a piece of bacon from his plate would he think this was a date. 
“You’d do better to study physics than feminism, if you really want to explore your power.” 
Even in bad lighting the guy was gorgeous, no doubt, but I was beginning to understand why he had to use Satan’s dating service to find a girlfriend.

Over on Wattpad, I have a prequel of sorts short story up, Goofer Dust Blues. This story features Roxie and Daniel on a case, and I really let my music nerd run free in it, so be warned. :) Roxie's world was always so much fun. I'm loving being back in it and I hope readers enjoy it too!

But I should say this: the Roxie Mathis series is paranormal, and there's a good amount of romance, but they're not romances in the traditional sense so I just call them paranormals. Kind of like the Sookie Stackhouse books. Definitely more UF than PNR. I want readers to know that so they don't go in looking for something specific only to come away disappointed. But if you're looking for a snarky vampire sidekick, Daniel is definitely the one for you. ;)

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