Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Beating Writer's Block... oh, look - a game!

Posted by: Sheryl Nantus
Every once in a while the words won't come and no matter how much tea or coffee or whiskey or chocolate you eat the magic just won't happen.

My best way out of the maze?

Playing games!

I've been blogging for quite some time about various board games that I've enjoyed and recommend to not only writers looking to take a creative break from their works but also for people looking for something a bit different to spend an afternoon with friends and family.

One of my recent finds - Splendor by Space Cowboy Games! Take on the role of a gem trader and cultivate as many mines to gain the favor of powerful nobles! This fun and fast game is a great way to get your mind off wrestling with plots... and might have you thinking up some new ones while you look over your emeralds and rubies!

Want something a bit darker? Check out Elder Sign from Fantasy Flight!  Fight the Great Old Ones and banish them... or die a horrible death in the process! If you're a Lovecraft fan or just want to fight some demons this is the game for you - and dice!

Want a fast and simple game? I give you Qwirkle by MindWare - yes, you've seen this game at your local Barnes & Noble. If you've got some wee ones in the house or just want something to clear your mind this is a great way to spend some time. Wooden blocks never felt so good...

Computer games more your type? I picked up the original Shadowrun Returns and the sequel, Shadowrun: Dragonfall over the holidays and can't stop replaying it. This game has a high replay value and a deep, DEEP history that'll suck you right in. This RPG has been around for a long, LONG time and if you're looking for something to shake up your gaming group the newest version is available along with scads of official fiction to keep your 'lil mind spinning.

Dealing with writer's block doesn't mean closeting yourself away with a blank piece of paper, forcing the words to come - sometimes a fun few hours playing games with friends can break that mental block and send you racing back to the keyboard with newfound enthusiasm!

And as Wil Wheaton says...

Play More Games!

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