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Here Be News

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New Releases

BREACHERS: Viento and Bycote
Book 3
A Sensuously Erotic Urban Fantasy/Paranormal Romance
by Linda Mooney
Music And Press
ISBN 978-1-941321-34-8
Word Count: 49K

Someone is slaughtering young women in London, and using the same methods as Jack the Ripper did in the late 1800s. As much as the Metro police try to deny it, all signs point to the fact that infamous killer could be back - somehow, some way.

Ex-lovers and now partners, Jahar Viento and Fasha Bycote are sent to track down the murderer, whom they believe is actually the work of a Breacher. A Breacher who may have found a way to transcend time. A Breacher known as a garphar. Or, more commonly, a vampire.

Their abilities, their past history together, and their still fiery attraction to each other will be sorely tested as they draw closer and closer to the killer...

Because it will take a vampire to kill a vampire.

Warning! Contains fried chicken (extra crispy but not spicy), venom, undeniable passion, time traveling, living a nightmare, scrumptious cattle blood, and two people desperately in love, but with secrets that are determined to keep them apart.

Click here for excerpt and buy links.


"Naughty or Nice? A Written Fireside Christmas Anthology" is a free download featuring 15 holiday-themed short stories, including the short story "The Misfits of Christmas" by Angela Campbell. It's not paranormal, but it does feature a naughty cat!

"The Misfits of Christmas" —
Charlotte isn't sure if Santa will mark her naughty or nice on his Christmas list this year. A misunderstanding before the holidays led her to break the heart of the man she loved. Now, her car is kaput, and she's snowed in with some of her apartment building's quirkiest neighbors, including her very naughty cat, two elderly sisters who can't hear, her flamboyantly gay best friend, and the man she accidentally betrayed. Can this group of misfits find the true meaning of Christmas together, or will they ALL end up on the naughty list?

"Naughty or Nice?" is available on Amazon | Amazon UK | Barnes and Noble | Kobo.

Cindy Spencer Pape also has a little holiday freebie installment of the Gaslight Chronicles featured on the Pandora Society blog. Click here to read it.

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