Sunday, December 28, 2014

Proud to be a Geek

Posted by: Kathleen Collins
So I am a self proclaimed geek. I love sci fi and fantasy pretty much across the board, which is good I guess since I write it. I am a major Doctor Who fan, a firm believer that Firefly should never have been taken off the air and an RPG loving gamer. I spend a lot of time in conversation with people discussing any of these topics or recommending the latest movie, book or game that I've fallen in love with.

This Christmas was filled with many geeky presents and I found myself thankful that my children are finding that same love of all things sci fi and fantasy. Their new favorite game is Munchkin, if you haven't played, I highly recommend. They got pop vinyls of Groot and declared them the best ever. I can have a conversation with them about the Doctor Who episodes they've seen and what's upcoming in the ones they haven't, though I don't think they'll ever love the weeping angels as much as I do.

Why is this so important to me? Because I firmly believe that a love and appreciation of things in the speculative fiction realm fuels creativity and imagination. I think that the fans of this genre, my fellow geeks if I may, are intelligent people that see the possibilities in things that others miss. They're the ones that took us to the stars and to the depths of the oceans. We are never satisfied with seeing things the way that they are, we are always interested in what they could be.

So my fellow speculative fiction lovers, what geeky goodness did you get for Christmas? What are some of your favorite shows, movies, books, etc that you feel the need to share with the rest of us? What fandoms must we be a part of?

Belated Merry Christmas and May your New Year be filled with much creativity and imagination!

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  1. My family also got a number of geeky presents, including a Rocket Raccoon mug, a book showing photos of the earth from the International Space Station by Chris Hadfield and (my favourite) a Star Wars mashup of Good Night Moon titled Good Night Darth Vader. Featuring such immortal lines as "The suns of Tatooine have set in the West/It's time for the Sarlacc to sleep and digest"

  2. Technically speaking we haven't actually had Christmas at our house yet--we're always a little delayed because my housemate goes to Virginia to visit his folks, and we hold off trading gifts till he gets back.

    But that said, I got an unexpectedly large bonus from work this year, so I treated myself to an iPad upgrade. Pretty damned geeky, I feel. :D

  3. That book sounds hilarious Nicole. And yay for the new ipad


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