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New Releases

You can bleed and die banishing a demon, but Fay Olwen discovers there are worse hurts. Betrayed by the Collegium and by her father, she must build a new life away from New York. Leopard-shifter Steve Jekyll would have her build it with him. But loyalties are never simple and new love never easy. When demons are unleashed, Fay tracks the evil back to the Collegium, and now all hell will break loose because Fay fights for the innocent, and Steve will protect what is his.

For fans of kick-ass heroines and shifter heroes who are alpha-male and sinfully sexy.
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Disciple by Jody Wallace -- the second book in the Dreamwalker urban fantasy series, but it does stand alone.

The book contains monsters, action, sex, adventure, dire peril, explosions and true love!

You can find it at Amazon, B&N, iTunesKobo, Samhain and other fine internet locations. Well, “fine” being a generic term for “legitimate vendors” because I hope you patronize legitimate vendors.

For an excerpt, check out its book detail page or download one from the vendors who allow that.




One little lie, one huge grudge, and one picture-perfect plan for revenge…

Best Revenge, Book 2
Blackmailed into a prom date by the geeky but cute Dexter Black twelve years ago, Maya is happy he’s returned to town. After wine night with her best friends, she realizes that to move on with her life, she needs to get some closure on the past. Getting back at Dex is the perfect way to start.

Warning: Blackmailing a stubborn, hot-tempered artist into bed, and an ex-Marine who has a penchant for taking pictures. Yeah, those kinds of pictures.

You can get it here.



Other News

"Faerie Blood" by Angela Highland is currently on sale for only 99 cents at Amazon, Kobo, B&N, Smashwords, and Google Play. The book's sequel is scheduled to release in February 2015. Learn more here.

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