Thursday, August 15, 2013

Why I Want to Write Steampunk.

Posted by: Shawna Thomas
First a confession. I’ve never read steampunk. I know you can beat me with your manuscripts later. I am honestly ashamed of that fact. It’s not a deliberate omission. It’s just that my reading time has been so limited lately— not to mention the financial resources to buy books—that my reading has suffered. A lot.

But I am determined to jump into the genre with both feet. I know I’ll love it. I follow authors such as Cindy Spencer Pape, Seleste DeLaney and PG Forte closely. Here be Magic’s recent Steampunk week just wet my appetite even more.

Okay so that’s why I want to read it. Here is why I want to write it:

  1. It looks fun. Every cover I’ve seen for Steampunk is gorgeous. Every excerpt intriguing. I mean I know there is bad writing in every genre but so far what I’ve read about steampunk seems light, fun, adventurous, tongue-in-cheek fun
  2. The  costumes! I mean come on! Corsets, flowing skirts, ankle boots. And the jewelry! A mixture of punk, Victorian and tech. It’s awesome. I want a good reason to go to a Steampunk convention and dress up. I mean walking into the grocery store in full steampunk costume might generate some attention, but that’s not really the kind of attention I like. ; 0 ) I might even be convinced to dress up at RT or some other fantasy convention...but then how to explain that I actually write epic fantasy... Yeah.
  3. The concept is brilliant. I love Victorians. Throw in steam, gadgets and an entirely different way of looking at history. I’m all in!
  4. The company. See above. Cindy, Seleste, PG... and more! There are so many talented writers in this genre.

I’m sure I’ll add many more reasons I love it after I’ve read it. Just for fun, here is the corset that I’m lusting for.


  1. Love that corset, Shawna!

    Thanks for the shout-out. :) Those are pretty much all the things I love about steampunk too. Jump in, the water's fine!

  2. LOL. I think I need to get caught up first. ; ) I love your covers, Cindy and the excerpts... yup, ; )


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