Monday, April 30, 2012

Here Be News

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New releases this week

Storm Buchanan's talent for mind control comes in handy as an investigator for a private agency, but it's hell on her love life. Men bow to her every whim, so there's no challenge. Where's the fun in that?

Maybe that's why she can't trust herself around Rafe Savage. The smug, sexy, annoying investigator for a rival firm is the one man who seems impervious to her power. Worse, when he kisses her, she all-too-willingly slips under his control.

Rafe's gift for seeing into the future doesn't usually blindside him…until it comes to Storm. The beautiful seductress assaults his control on all fronts, and the spontaneous flashes of her life in danger have his every instinct on alert.

When attempts on both their lives escalate, Storm and Rafe must stick together to find a madman bent on vengeance. While it's no surprise that their enforced proximity has their bodies going up in flames, neither expects lust to melt into love. Or that they'll need every ounce of their combined skills to fight for a future that could die before it's born.


When Aidan Marshall's boss assigns him a mission to retrieve a stolen book, he jumps at the chance to prove his worth once again to the team. Aidan is a telepath, and he knows he makes other uncomfortable. He likes working by himself and has nearly located the book when Gavin Caldwell screws up the entire case.

Gavin is a pain in the ass. He's a pencil pusher, a holdover from the nightmare that was the government's Psychic Warfare Program. It doesn't help matters that he's just Aidan's type.

With no recourse but to use Gavin to right the wrong he's done, Aidan and Gavin go undercover in a high stakes operation posing as lovers, in a place where anything and everything goes. In the course of their mission, Aidan finds out there's much more to Gavin than meets the eye, and much more to himself than he'd ever thought possible. Because with Gavin, Aidan learns not only to love another man, but himself as well.

Links of Interest

An interesting op piece: The Shatzkin Files - Things learned and thoughts provoked by London Book Fair 2012

Tor announces "...that by early July 2012, their entire list of e-books will be available DRM-free." Woo-hoo!

Fringe is renewed for a fifth and final season: "Not unlike "Chuck," the network is allowing producers to have 13 more episodes to end the story on their own terms."

Just weirdly interesting: Why is our skin waterproof? and Sun's Twin Discovered -- The Perfect SETI Target?

Steampunk Sherlock Holmes: "Interactive book maker Richard Monson-Haefel hopes to raise $29,000 to turn his eBook Steampunk Holmes: Legacy of the Nautilus into an interactive experience."

Have a great week everyone!

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