Monday, April 16, 2012

Here Be News

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Our new releases this week

Dakota Territory, 1867

The day Ranait O'Brien buried her parents, she vowed to do anything to keep her family together. When Sheriff Tyler tried to place her young siblings in foster homes, Renny swore never to trust him again. No matter how he tries to make it up to her, or how tempting it is to fall into his arms and return his passionate kisses...

Tyler only wanted to help the beautiful and spirited Renny, but his actions turned her against him. Eager for her forgiveness, he offers to accompany her on a quest to find her Sioux brother--and he won't take no for an answer.

Infuriated at Tyler's interference, Renny is more determined than ever to prove she doesn't need anyone's help. But as the journey across the plains draws her closer to her mother's people, and to the one man who accepts her as she is, Renny learns she must be at peace with the past before she can embrace the future.

Book 11 of 12.

Links of Interest

Angela James, executive editor of Carina Press, at The Bookpushers talking about current and future fantasy offerings from Carina Press.

Yale Introduces Another Seven Free Online Courses, Bringing Total to 42. One of the new offerings is a class on Hemingway, Fitzgerald and Faulkner.

Is Fantasy Stuck in a Rut? "I think what fantasy needs is more people willing to invent new, fantastical places, beings and worlds rather than follow in the footsteps of the myriad writers who’ve already followed in the footsteps of people like Tolkien and McCaffrey."

More info on JK Rowling's new book, The Casual Vacancy.

The big news in publishing last week was the DOJ lawsuit. Here's a quick and fairly balanced news report if you want summary. Dear Author is doing a great series of posts from a variety of angles if you're interested in more information.

Here Be Magic Group Announcements

Altered Destiny is the RT Reviewers' Choice
2011 Indie Press Paranormal/Fantasy/Futuristic Award Winner.

Congratulations Shawna!!

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