Tuesday, January 10, 2023

The Year I Became Organized

Posted by: PG Forte

 It's not too late to talk about New Year's Resolutions yet, is it? And, just as a side note, the Romance Writers Weekly blog hop is tackling the same subject today. As I point out in my post for the hop (HERE) I like to think of them more as goals. I'm off to a slow start this year due to Things Beyond My Control but I'm really hoping that this is the year I become organized. You'll notice that the title of this post is written in past tense--that's not a mistake. One thing I've learned from years of Self Improvement and manifestation practice is that one should always operate from the perspective that the goal you're attempting has already been accomplished. 

So even though I've yet to crack the cover on my nifty new planner (that's it on the left. Pretty isn't it?) I'm feeling confident that I will meet my goals this year.  I'm not even cringing at the thought that by saying so I'm inviting fate to come and laugh in my face. I've worried about that for the last two years and, frankly, I'm done with it.

So let's get out there and get 'er done. As Sigourney Weaver famously said to Melanie Griffith in Working Girl (one of my all time favorite movies) You Make It Happen.  And yes, I know she was lying to her the whole time, but we're fiction writers. We believe lies for a living. Ooh. Alliteration. 

Before I go, I have a new story out this month and it's FREE! Even though Put a Ring Around the Rosie is theoretically a Valentine's Day story, it has a cute New Year's Eve scene. So, if you want something somewhat topical, you can pick up the Just Another Day anthology here: https://tinyurl.com/Just-Another-Day 

 And here's what the story's cover will look like when I re-release it on its own (because it's also pretty and kind of matches my planner).

February 14th is just another day...until it's not. 

They say timing is everything, and that certainly has always been the case where Alex and I are concerned. We met nearly two years ago when he was hired to work at Cup of Joe, the coffee shop where I was already an old timer. It was lust at first sight, at least on my part, but I had a boyfriend then, and so did he. By the time we were both single and I’d worked out that he was bi, things between us had become complicated in so many other ways that it seemed much simpler and safer to just stay friends.

We were work spouses for a while, and then we weren’t. And when we reconnected with each other last month it was after a prolonged period of hurt feelings and miscommunication during which we barely spoke to each other at all. 


Now, even though our friendship’s caught fire, so to speak, I feel like we’re both still recovering from that last, disconnected phase. Heaping a bunch of unrealistic expectations, or a need for chocolate hearts, plush toys, or rose colored anything on top of that seems like a little too much added pressure. 

Read an excerpt HERE

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