Monday, January 9, 2023

HERE BE NEWS for Monday January 9, 2023

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 Monday January 9, 2023 

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Thursday January 5, 2023:  Nicole Luiken shares some thoughts on New Year's Resolutions.



Just Another Day 

This free Valentine's Day themed collection is available through Bookfunnel for a limited time only. It includes a short story by PG Forte, Put a Ring Around the Rosie ​ 

February 14th is just another day...until it isn't. ​ 

They say timing is everything, and that certainly has always been the case where Alex and I are concerned. ​We were work spouses for a while, and then we weren’t. And when we reconnected with each other last month it was after a prolonged period of hurt feelings and miscommunication during which we barely spoke to each other at all. 

 Now, even though our friendship’s caught fire, so to speak, I feel like we’re both still recovering from that last, disconnected phase. Heaping a bunch of unrealistic expectations, or a need for chocolate hearts, plush toys, or rose colored anything on top of that seems like a little too much added pressure.

 Download the collection here:


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