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New! ETERNALLY, a Time Travel Fantasy Romance by Linda Mooney

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Time Travel Fantasy Romance
by Linda Mooney

Word Count: 23.2K
$2.99 e / $6.99 p

After suffering a brutal beating at the hands of Goen, Juda Plesh sees her opportunity to escape and takes it. She jumps. But where—or when—will she end up? Will Cayn be able to find her? And why did he abandon her in the first place?

Traveling through the centuries, Cayn Stiner has always been able to find Juda, but he’s disappointed when he finally locates her and she doesn’t recognize him. They’ve always been drawn to each other, tied emotionally to one another, but realizing she doesn’t remember him doesn’t sit well. The new scar on her forehead could have something to do with it.

Juda isn’t sure she knows the man at first, but she remembers the name, and slowly memories are coming back to her. Cayn is her love, her heart, for all of eternity. If only they can survive constant attacks from Goen, another Nomad like them who is determined to end Cayn and keep Juda for himself. 

Constantly running, jumping through time, and looking over their shoulders, the couple want to be able settle down and start their family. Here, in this time, where they are accepted and the people care for them. But how will they be able to evade the madman and end their torment once and for all?

Warning! Contains fairy tale hogwash, tracking like a hound dog, meatloaf (and the best darn flapjacks in the county), special abilities, and two people who only want a chance to live and love like normal people.

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