Thursday, April 7, 2022

Too Much TV

Posted by: Nicole Luiken

There is such an abundance of wonderful SF and fantasy TV right now. Having grown up in the 1980's,  when there was so little and not always  the best quality, it boggles me a bit. And now streaming and PVRs and DVDs mean that even if I missed a show the first time round, I can still watch it. This has led to a mix of old and new shows. And me falling ever farther behind because I also read 200+ books a year.

What I'm Watching Now

1/ Hawkeye - I've been quite impressed with most of Disney's Marvel spin-offs. I was super excited for Wanda/Vision and Loki series, but even the ones with characters I was less invested in like Falcon and the Winter Soldier and Hawkeye, have hooked me. Three episodes into this one--I loved how Hawkeye's reliance on his hearing aid was shown when it got broken.

2/ The Good Place - Season Two - If, like me, you missed this when it first came out, it's well worth hunting down. I don't know that I'd ever seen a sitcom that is so good at end of an episode cliffhangers before. Funny, with a great cast and great writing.

3/ Dr. Who - Matt Smith's first season - Obviously also WAY behind on this show, got back into it last  year and just watched the Weeping Angels/River Song episode. Fun AND creepy. I loved how Amy Pond had to keep her eyes closed.

4/ Star Trek: Discovery - Just started season three.

5/ Star Trek: Picard - One episode in so Q shenanigans are  about to start.

6/ Babylon 5 - Season Four - This is a rewatch with the whole family. The war with the shadows has ended and the civil war between Earth and Mars colony is heating up.

What I Want to Watch Next

1/ Wheel of Time - waiting for season two! I'm a fan of the series, read all the books, but I'm in that sweet spot where I didn't reread them and thus don't mind as much when the timelines have to be adjusted/rewritten for TV viewing.

2/ House of Dragons - When I first heard of the Game of Thrones spinoff I wasn't very interested, but I've been reading the Dance of Dragons section in Fire and Blood and being frustrated by how condensed the fictional history is, wanting more. And it doesn't hurt that Matt Smith has been cast as the scheming Prince Daeron...

3/ Star Trek: Strange New Worlds - I liked Christopher Pike and Spock's turns on Discovery so would be looking forward to this if I weren't already so behind on the other two shows...

4/ The Mandalorian - Again, I am so behind! 

5/ The Witcher - Ditto

I know there's a ton more I'm missing and more in the pipeline coming. What are your old and new favourite SFF shows? What are you looking forward too?

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