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Bring It Back(list) Truth or Dare by PG Forte

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Truth or Dare
Games We Play (book one)
Erotic PNR/Holiday Romance/
PG Forte

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BLURB: Gwyn has her hands full these days trying to help save the family business -- a quirky hotel on the Jersey Shore. She has no time for romance. But when the two men with whom she once spent a drunken menage weekend show up with a sexy proposition, how can she resist? Berke and Cam might have broken her heart once, but Gwyn is older now and wiser. She's not looking for forever. She just wants a good time. And, after all, it is Valentine's Day.

For Berke and Cam, the weekend isn't just about fun, or adding some spice to their marriage; it's about winning back the woman who got away, and convincing her to give a committed three-way relationship a shot. They each have skills that could help make the hotel a success -- and they're not above bartering to get what they want. but first they have to get past the walls Gwyn's built to keep them out. But while Cam's biggest concern is making sure Gwyn doesn't break Berke's heart a second time, Berke is worried about what Cam will think if he learns about Berke's part in screwing things up the last time around.


It was clear from the looks of shocked surprise on both the men's faces that they had not expected to see her here. And why was that? It’s not like they didn’t know her family owned this hotel. It wasn’t as though neither of them had ever been here before. They had. Berke a couple of times, Cam once. The only possible explanation was that, in the years between then and now, they’d completely forgotten her existence. Which was exactly what she’d have expected from Cam actually, and…it was fine. It was perfect, really, because she’d certainly forgotten all about them.

Why, she couldn’t even remember the party where she’d met Berke, sometime during the first semester of her sophomore year of college. Halloween or homecoming—something like that. She’d fallen for him right away. He’d been gentle, unassuming, attentive, dependable, with a sense of humor she’d frequently found mystifying. He was exactly the kind of guy she’d seen herself settling down with, maybe five years down the line. Cam, on the other hand, was not.

He and Berke had been roommates freshman year and best friends ever since. Cam was every bit as handsome and charming as Berke, but the reason behind their friendship was a puzzle she’d never been able to decipher. The two of them weren’t really very much alike. Cam was loud where Berke was quiet, boisterous where Berke was laid-back. He was the bad boy to Berke’s good guy. And while Berke had always been something of a serial monogamist, as far as Gwyn knew, Cam had the dating habits of a bonobo chimp.

Before she quite knew how it happened, the three of them had become inseparable. Whenever they did anything involving a group, it was always Gwyn and Berke, and Cam and his flavor of the day. Although sometimes, a lot of the time, actually, it had just been Gwyn and Berke and Cam. And when Gwyn and Berke moved in together the following year, Cam had spent a lot of nights on their couch. The three of them had been friends. It never felt odd to have a male best friend or to spend so much of her time with two other people, because all her life she’d had Brenda and Luke.

She and Berke had talked about having children—in a “maybe someday” kind of way. They’d discussed their favorite seasons, their favorite movies, the relative merits of cats over dogs, city versus country, Star Wars or Star Trek. Most of those were not the kinds of thing she’d ever discussed with Cam. But if she were honest, she kind of liked the idea of being the only woman in his life as well.

Or, at least, the only woman who’d be more than a memory come morning.

And yes, she might have developed a tiny little crush on him. She might have suspected he had an even smaller one on her. But so what? Neither of them would ever have acted on it. Until that one weekend when all the rules were suspended. But up until then, things between them had been as close to perfect as anyone could want.

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