Friday, December 17, 2021

New! BABS CLAUS, Tuffy Claus, Book 2, a Contemporary Fantasy Holiday Romance by Linda Mooney

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Tuffy Claus, Book
Contemporary Fantasy Holiday Romance
by Linda Mooney
Word Count: 24.4K
$2.99 e

Tuffy Claus and Babs are back, and despite Dominik’s protests, his wife is coming along for the ride. Being previously in law enforcement, she won’t be playing the obedient housewife while waiting for him to get home. No, she’ll be out chasing the bad guys as well. But can she handle the heart-wrenching jobs she’ll have to take on?

Their newest case tests Babs to her limits, making her wonder if she’s really cut out for this. Short answer? Yes. When it comes to the children, she’ll do whatever it takes. But when things quickly take a turn for the worst, leaving Babs on her own, she realizes how important her job really is.

It’s then that a thought hits her, and Dominik and Kris realize there could be a whole group of kids that are being overlooked—those who can’t write a letter to Santa. Those who can’t ask for help. And they wonder how many children have suffered through the centuries because of their oversight?

The Kringles know they can’t possibly save them all, but they’re gonna damn sure try. 

Warning! Contains peppermint schnapps; jingle bell communications; a baseball bat; powdered donuts; bullets; gut instincts; and a warm, contented, and loving Christmas Day.

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