Tuesday, September 21, 2021

Including Easter Eggs in Your Stories

Posted by: Deborah A Bailey

Easter eggs in our stories could be messages, or perhaps jokes or puzzles that we add for the reader to find. I haven't included them often in my stories, but I think they're fun to add. They can be simple things or maybe mentions that only a small number of people would understand. 

In my book Once Upon A Princess: Land of Dreams the heroine is a lost princess (which makes sense since it's a fairy tale retelling). The hint to her identity is in her name - at least it is for readers of the other two books in the series. 

Since this is a sequel to book one, I continued the story with a few of the characters. The heroine is named after the grandmother in the first book. So, a reader who is paying attention will know the heroine's origins before they are revealed to everyone else. 

Here's another example: in my Hathor Legacy series, the planet Hathor has twin moons called Isis and Osiris. I chose them because of the symbolism of what those mythological characters represent. In the first book, the heroine Nadira is helping Jonathan (the hero) to find his father. In Egyptian mythology Isis is looking for her husband Osiris. So, the names of the planets reflect the journey of the hero and heroine in the book. In addition, the goddess Hathor is patron of miners, and the planet Hathor's economy is based on mining. 

For my novella Metamorphosis, that is part of a series called Worlds of Fire, (and will be included in the upcoming Pets in Space 6 Anthology) I included two easter eggs. I won't be giving away spoilers by mentioning one of them. In that story world phoenix shifters are very important. When they transform, they create the portals that open up the pathways to other worlds. They play a role in this story and in my upcoming book in the series, Blood Red Moon

And the Floating World, the location of the beginning of Metamorphosis, also plays a central role in Blood Red Moon. Readers of both books will see the connection. Which might inspire them to find other connections between these books and others. It's part of the fun - for the author to include these mentions and for the reader to find them. If you haven't hidden any in your books perhaps it might be a good idea to give it a try.

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