Thursday, August 19, 2021

10 Reasons You Might Like a Cozy Mystery

Posted by: Maureen

 By Maureen Bonatch


The word elicits images of curling up by the fireplace with a good book, or comfortable clothes and soft blankets. So you might be wondering what’s a cozy mystery and is this a genre I’d like? 

 You Might Like a Cozy Mystery If: 

  1. You're trying to solve the murder, kidnapping, or mystery while you’re reading a book or watching television. 
  2. You turn away or skip the passages that describe the murder, or other violence. 
  3. You tend to prefer words like darn, heck, or for goodness sake instead of swearing or vulgar language. 
  4. A little romance is okay, but you really want to focus on solving the mystery. 
  5. You’d rather learn more about the characters than in-depth police and crime procedures. 
  6. You like to see the good guys always prevail and the bad guys get caught. 
  7. You prefer a lighthearted or humorous story—even if there is a murder. 
  8. You want to solve the mystery as an amateur sleuth with an ordinary person, just like you.
  9. You enjoy getting to know the quirky characters in small towns. 
  10. You love when animals become secondary characters in the story. 

 Good News—There are Paranormal Cozy Mysteries

Never fear my paranormal and magic loving peeps! There are paranormal cozy mysteries too. These stories have the elements listed above, as well as magic, ghosts, or other paranormal elements. 

Even Better News (Since Gooder is Not a Word) 

 You can have a taste of 10 +1= 11 new cozy mystery stories for only .99cents! WHEN THE CAT'S AWAY features vacationing sleuths as they trade their sunglasses for magnifying glasses in 11 new, never-before-read cozy mysteries. 

This includes my story CURSES, CATS & CORPSES which will introduce you to my Charmed Cocktail Cozy series. 

 So snuggle up with your favorite furry friend to read this fun collection of travel cozies, each including a fabulous feline sidekick. All aboard for intriguing mysteries, hilarious banter, and good, clean fun. 

Grab your copy of WHEN THE CAT’S AWAY Here's a link >>  to catch up with your favorite characters and to meet some new friends along the way. You’ll be very glad you did! 

P.S. Here's a Contest for you! 

Maureen’s first novella was a paranormal romance published when blogs were a new-fangled thing. She’s since changed her focus to writing paranormal cozy mysteries as M.L. Bonatch and urban fantasy as Maureen Bonatch. 

While she’s not busy writing or doing nurse-things, she’s a mom to her twin daughters, bicycling in the beautiful woods of PA with her hubby, doing the bidding of a feisty Shih Tzu, and dancing as much as possible. She believes music can be paired with every mood, laughter is contagious, and that caffeine and wine are essential for survival. 
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