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HERE BE NEWS for February 17, 2020

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Monday, February 10 
"HERE BE NEWS" - All the latest from the fantasy romance authors at Here Be Magic. Includes links to an interview on Amazing Stories, plus a 99-cent ebook sale.

Wednesday, February 12 -

HAVENPORT RELEASE DAY BLITZ” -  Five authors released five new standalone books today, each set in Havenport, RI. “Heart of the Matter” by Ruth A. Casie is one of them. According to Ruth, this fictional town contains romance, suspense, time travel and secrets shared!

Thursday, February 13 -

WHEN IT'S TIME FOR "NETFLIX AND CHILL” – Sometimes watching a thriller or a fantasy can be a great source of creative inspiration as well as entertainment. Looking for suggestions? Author Deborah A Bailey shares her latest must-watch list on Here Be Magic.  

Friday, February 14 -
"FAVORITE MOVIES for VALENTINE'S DAY" - The authors at Here Be Magic have gotten together to share some of our favorite romantic movies. And we hope you'll tell us yours too!


The Rim of the World, Book 7

Sci-fi Romance

by Linda Mooney

Things have been quiet on Neverwylde, but everyone has been busy. With a new group of research scientists sent to spend the next six months on the planet, their goal is to learn and document as much as possible to classify the alien world as a 2A planet. But things never go as planned on this still wild and unknown galactic anomaly.

Dox has a one-track mind, but that’s normal for his kind. Being an isotope baby, he was specifically created to be highly intelligent, often found working on inventions, and rarely speaking beyond a couple words. But he’s also fiercely loyal and protective, as well as sweet and innocent, with zero experience when it comes to women. They never even crossed his mind, until now.

Xeno-archaeologist Dr. True Brown can’t wait to get her feet on Neverwylde soil. Having researched everything there is to know of the planet so far, she’s somewhat starstruck when meeting the original crew, but no amount of research could prepare her for the reality of the world, or the feelings the quirky, quiet, innocent tinkerer invokes. She didn’t plan on romance while on this mission, but then again, she didn’t anticipate her fellow scientists turning on them either.

Politics and greed are getting in the way of science and discovery, and may push everyone off the planet for good, wiping out all of their hard work. With months turning into days, the crew scrambles to protect a world filled with endless precious resources and intelligent life.

Once again the greatest enemies may not be the deadly creatures on the planet, but some of their own.

Warning! Contains a borrowed uniform, lessons on love, lost luggage, a purple cavern, a mosaic map, relevant theories, alien watchdogs, low-frequency sound, and a fight to protect others as well as those who are beloved.

Excerpt and Buy link

(Havenport Romance)
by Ruth A. Casie

Digging into the past can be murder. 

Addison Moore, a well-known psychiatrist, is having difficulty coming to terms with the death of her grandmother, Cookie. The woman was everything to her after her parents died in a plane crash over Lockerbie, Scotland. Little did Addy know, an old picture tucked away in the family bible of Cookie with a handsome stranger would lead her to a discovery for which she is little prepared. 

Ethan Taylor is an art historian. He’s lived with his Great Uncle Ben for a long time and would do anything for him. He never anticipated Ben’s dying wish would introduce him to his biggest sacrifice. Neither Addy nor Ethan are prepared for the lengths at which their families went through to keep Cookie and Ben apart. 

As they put the pieces together, they uncover a decade’s old unsolved murder implicating Cookie and Ben. Will Addy and Ethan’s blossoming love be able to stand the strain of finding the truth? Will they be able to get to the heart of the matter?

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