Monday, December 30, 2019

HERE BE NEWS for December 30, 2019 - and Happy New Year!

Posted by: Dani Harper, Author


It's a CRAZY-busy time of year! From pirates to Yule monsters and from new releases to holiday romances, here's a list of our posts from December that you might want to catch up on ...  as soon as you catch your breath!

Tuesday, December 3 -
"EXCERPT FROM FERAL" - read a sample of the latest shapeshifter release from Nicole Luiken. 

Saturday, December 7 -
This week's Bring It Back(list) feature is THE HOLIDAY SPIRIT, a Paranormal Christmas Romance by Dani Harper.

Tuesday, December 10 -
"A HOLIDAY TOAST" - Some gifts don't come in boxes. Author Shawna Reppert shares memories and a toast to readers.

Wednesday, December 11 -
THE ‘LURE’ OF THE PIRATE LIFE” –  Author Ruth A. Casie explores the history of pirate Bartholomew Roberts, and the reasons why many like him chose such a path.

Thursday, December 12 -
"COFFEE IN THE SHOWER" - What do YOU do when you're too tired to think anymore? Author Linda Mooney reveals her brain revival secret. 

Saturday, December 14 
This week's Bring It Back(list) features THREE sweet Christmas romances by Linda Mooney: The 13th Gift of Christmas (Contemporary Fantasy Romance), Breath of Christmas (Contemporary Fantasy Romance) and Sand Castle (Contemporary Romance)

Tuesday, December 17 -
"THE MANY MONSTERS OF CHRISTMAS" - Ghost Horses, Giant Cats, Demons and Werewolves – the Christmas season is both magical and strange. If you thought scary things only come out at Halloween, read Dani Harper's latest post! 

Wednesday, December 18 -
"TAKING IT TO THE MAT" - Author PG Forte finds meaning in yoga and some unexpected similarities to writing. PLUS she has a gift for readers: two Christmas stories that you can READ FOR FREE this holiday season.

Thursday, December 19 -
"JUST PRESS PAUSE" - Many of us feel like we're living our lives in 'fast forward' and would like to hit RESET. But a good story needs exactly that kind of momentum. Author Maureen Bonatch offers tips on both.

Saturday, December 28 -
This week's Bring It Back(list) feature is OAK, a Celtic Legends romance by PG Forte. Featuring both the Oak King and the Holly King, it's perfect for Yuletide reading! Check the blog post HERE for an excerpt.

And to wrap up our list for December, a brand new holiday love story:

Contemporary Fantasy Romance
by Linda Mooney

Warning! Contains German chocolate cake, a modified red Harley, Sadie, justice served, a child's letter to Santa, a coffee date, and the promise of love when no hope of love had ever existed.


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