Thursday, November 7, 2019

Planning for 2020

Posted by: Shona Husk
New sci fi romance
It's November, so while I'm trying to finish up this year's projects, I'm also planning next year's work. January is usually editing month, cleaning up anything that was written in last 3 month month and getting them out the door (some of them are due in February so they will get done first).

I also have a list of stories that I want to write (it's a long list) but I have to decide which ones are going to be most marketable. If I write X will I be able to sell it to a publisher? If I self publish does it hit any hot tropes? Can I come up with something more interesting and more saleable?

At the moment I'm tossing up between a few ideas for next year, both are novella series.

What I need is a crystal ball to tell me what will be the most fun and profitable.

Alas, no one seems to have one of them.

What I do now is that 2020 will start with crypitds and romantic suspense on January 4th.

Close to the Truth

Is the truth worth dying for?
coming January 2020
TV biologist, Jasmine Heydon, escaped Bitterwood once. She was 16 and run out of town by the cops for the crime of being born on the wrong side of the tracks. Ten years later, she's changed a lot but Bitterwood hasn't. The town's only claim to fame is the legend of the River Man, a murderous creature who first killed a century ago. Back in town to film a show about the River Man, Jasmine plans to put the mystery to rest once and for all.
Bitterwood's favourite son, Gil Easton, has never forgotten Jasmine, and he's never forgiven his father, the chief of police, for running her off. But now Jasmine is back, stirring things up. This time, Gil is determined to stand by her even when the locals want her silenced.
As Gil works to unearth the truth, Jasmine tries to understand her own childhood sighting of the monster. As the threats escalate, the search for the truth grows dangerous ... because the River Man is killing again.

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