Monday, June 24, 2019

HERE BE NEWS for June 24, 2019

Posted by: Dani Harper, Author

News from Cindy Spencer Pape:

After a long spell of not much, Cindy is pleased to report that almost all of her Ellora's Cave backlist has been picked up by Jianlai, Inc. for serialized digital publications. This platform will be mainly marketed at Chinese readers who love to read English-language fiction, which is a surprising large and largely untapped market. The novels to be republished include:
Dragon in the System
Djinni and the Geek
Teach Me
Wrong Side of Town
Novellas will be grouped into four additional bundles:
Love Me Like a Rock: Between a Rock and a Hard Dragon, Stone & Earth, Stone & Sea, Three for All, Stone & Fire, and Stone & Sky.
Holiday Hearts: Yuletide Enchantment, Like Bunnies, Valentine's Heart, Midsummer Magic, and All Hallows Evie.
Immortal Cravings: , Exploring Ari, Dani's Demons, Just for Jess, and Sporting Wood
Love Through the Years: Beltane Lion, Georgie and the Dragon, Unawakened, Marry Me, Marietta, and Where There's Smoke.

In other great news, Supernovie Indie Publishing, which currently offers Sea Change, and One Good Man (Co-written with the marvelous Lacey Thorn), will be picking up Cindy's Geek Love trilogy (Dragon in the System, Djinni and the Geek and Teach Me) for non-serialized digital and paperback publication. Hopefully these will be back on the shelves very soon.

Meanwhile, while she's not reformatting her backlist for serialization, Cindy is working on a new historical romance proposal and playing around with some new paranormal realities.


Monday, June 17 
"HERE BE NEWS" - All the latest from the gang at Here Be Magic.

Tuesday, June 18 -

"WRITERS and their FURRY ASSISTANTS" -  June 17-21 was "Take Your Pet to Work Week®". But you can still meet some of the four-footed sidekicks of the Here Be Magic authors!

Saturday, June 22 -
This week's Bring It Back(list) feature is OAK, Book 2 in the Celtic Legends Series by PG Forte. Scroll below for all the details.

Book 2 of the
Celtic Legend Series 

Twice each year, Aine Murphy ventures into the woods to hold ceremonies to honor the Oak King and the Holly King, never dreaming these Lords of the Forest could be anything more than myth. When the legends spring to life in front of her, how can she help but fall for the sexy demi-gods she's loved all her life?

From midwinter to midsummer, Fionn O'Dair rules the Greenworld as the Oak King--a role he feels is beyond his abilities, and one that dooms him to a loveless future, forever craving the one man he can never allow himself to have. How can he resist what Aine offers--the sweet devotion that soothes his aching soul, and the slim chance to live a "normal" life as her husband, if only for half a year?

Holly King Kieran Mac Cuilenn never desired a human lover--until now. Seeing Fionn and Aine together fills him with longing for the love he threw away and awakens feelings he thought he'd buried with the last Oak King. Is there enough magic in the solstice to correct the mistakes he made years ago? Or is he doomed to be forever left out in the cold?

Read an excerpt on HERE BE MAGIC 



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