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HOLIDAY MEMORIES from the authors at Here Be Magic

Posted by: Dani Harper, Author
Taste, smell, sound, sight, touch 
these are the elements that make up memories. Years later, encountering any one of them can magically transport us back in time...

The Here Be Magic gang are sharing some of their favorite memories of holidays past, and invite you to share yours in the comments!

Plus, we've followed up with a list of holiday-themed stories written by some of our fantasy authors. Enjoy!


JENNY - "I grew up in a small semi-rural community in Australia where everyone knew everyone and the primary school (elementary school) was the heart of it with about 100 students. In Australia the school year ends just before Christmas, releasing wildly excited kids to summer break.

"At our school, we'd have a Parents' Night first, and EVERYONE attended. There'd be awards and plays - ambitiously we attempted musicals like Andrew Lloyd Webber's "Joseph & the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat" (

"And there'd be Christmas carols. Singing with your friends, family and community is pure joy - even if it was mosquito repellent rather than snow that fell on us!" ~ Jenny Schwartz  


MAUREEN - "As a child, trying to sleep Christmas Eve was almost impossible. One year my mother caught my sister and I sitting by the tree in the middle of the night. She told us we could open one gift and then to go back to bed. 

"After opening the gift I realized that presents weren't what excited me about Christmas. It was the magic of the night, and the season. A night where anything was possible." ~ Maureen L Bonatch


DANI - "One of my best memories is putting up our big white Christmas tree with my daughters. It was all I could do to hold the girls back until mid-November! We'd spend the whole day decorating it, while eating way too many treats, and playing classic holiday movies in the background (hey, it's not Christmas until you've watched Chevy Chase gradually lose his mind in Christmas Vacation, and root for Ralphie in his quest to get a Red Rider BB rifle in A Christmas Story.) 

"Many of the ornaments have memories of their own. The girls and I used to prowl yard sales all year long to glean vintage decorations, including a lot of wonderful old glass ones. Plus my girls frequently gifted me with everything from the Abominable Snowman to tiny Starbucks coffee cups to hang on the tree! 

The gang's grown up and left home but I still have all the decorations and lovingly put up the whole kit and kaboodle every year. But I admit, I wait until December now." ~ Dani Harper


LINDA - "When I was young, I used to creep into the living room in the middle of the night where the tree was located, and feel about for the toys. I hoped to find and recognize what Santa had brought me. Although I could feel something, I never knew what it was until the next morning. I did this for years. It only added to the mystic of Christmas." ~ Linda Mooney


JODY - "Sometimes in your life, you realize when it’s happening that new memories and family traditions are in the act of being set. This Christmas when we put up our nice, artificial tree, our two new kittens basically proved to us why we aren’t going to be having a traditional tree in the future.

"My husband has been in the garage for a week, putting together a cat-safe holiday decoration, and nobody in our family will ever forget the day the kittens took out a whole tree!" ~ Jody Wallace


CINDY - "One of my favorite Christmas presents came from my mother-in-law, back when my kids were little.

"One autumn, my husband and his father were both attending the same professional conference, so my mother-in-law and I went along, taking my two young boys to play in the pool, visit nearby museums, etc. In the hotel itself were a few small shops, including a gorgeous estate jewelry store. I fell in love with a vintage amber necklace, but at $100, it was out of the budget of two grad students with two young kids.

"Realizing how very much I loved the necklace, my husband juggled his budget and snuck down to the shop to buy the necklace. It was gone. Instead, he bought a jade pendant--much cheaper--that I had also liked. I loved the jade piece and was so touched that he'd even tried. I set the idea of an amber necklace aside for "some day".

"At Christmas, I had a small, flat box from my in-laws. Now presents with them were often very random--awesome one year, not so much the next. This one was awesome. My mother-in-law had bought me the amber necklace. It's still one of my very favorite pieces of jewelry." ~ Cindy Spencer Pape


NICOLE - "My dad's sister was also my mom's best friend and her kids were close in age to me and my siblings so at Christmas we alternated between her house and ours. 

"My favourite Christmas memory is singing carols together in a big group, especially The Twelve Days of Christmas. Everybody would be assigned one line to sing in turn. I liked to take Four Calling Birds so that I could sing more times." ~ Nicole Luiken


PG - "One of my favorite Christmas memories has to do with cookies. My mother used to make several different types of cookies every Christmas, mostly I just remember the spritz cookies because those were my favorite. But one year, for some reason, she went into a baking frenzy and made a lot of cookies, all different types. It seemed like every day, my siblings and I would come home from school to find dozens of new cookies cooling on racks in the kitchen. 

"Some of the cookies she made that year were ones we'd never had before—including coconut meringues, AKA the Best. Cookie. Ever. I took one bite and I swear the heavens opened up and I heard angels singing. They were that good. I didn’t care if I didn’t get any of the other cookies, but I wanted all the meringues.

"Not exactly a Christmasy attitude, I realize, and I think I’d have been happy to share them with anyone who was equally smitten, but no one else seemed to share my passion.  And I really resented the fact that they didn’t care, but they still ate them. I mean, it wasn’t like there weren’t hundreds of other cookies for them to enjoy!

"I waited all year for another shot at those cookies, but my mother never made them again. Like I said, I was the only one who really liked them. Also, they take hours to bake. But, oh, they’re so worth it!" ~ PG Forte


HOLIDAY TITLES from the fantasy authors at Here Be Magic

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YOUR TURN:   We'd love to hear your memories too! Leave us a comment with one of your favorites.  


  1. What a fabulous post - thanks for pulling it together, Dani. Sharing memories and happiness is definitely part of the season. Happy holidays, everyone!

    1. Thanks Jenny! I really enjoyed doing it. Hope you have an awesome holiday season. :)

  2. One of my favourite memories of Christmas is 1963 the north east of England was having a deep freeze that year our street had a few feet of snow and a teenage boy decided to make an igloo for all the little ones in the street, we all got together with our shovels to form blocks of snow and shaped them with our hands into blocks that froze over night, next day the kids had a ball playing in the igloo until a few weeks later when it started to melt, way better than the kids sitting in their rooms playing on tablets and phone

    1. I love that! and as an Aussie the whole snow-for-Christmas thing is magical anyway.


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