Thursday, August 30, 2018

Graphics and the Procrastinating Author

Posted by: Jenny Schwartz
I could win a gold medal if procrastination was an Olympic event. As an author, one of my favourite tricks is to design teasers (promotional graphics) for my books, or perhaps, even, a whole new book cover. is my enabler - credit or blame where it's due!

With Amaranthine Kiss out soon (but no pre-order link, sorry) I thought I'd use that excuse to share my best teasers for the paranormal romance Old School series, which is in Kindle Unlimited. The novels in it are all stand-alone reads. Amaranthine Kiss is Book 6 - and at the end of the post I'll share its blurb. It's a good one. 

Phoenix Blood 

Fantastical Island 

Storm Road 

Fire Fall 

Desert Devil 

Amaranthine Kiss 
(out soon)

And the blurb for Amaranthine Kiss:

Army doctor Angelo Sanderson is a veteran of supernatural combat. A classified mission revealed to him a world most people never have to fear; a world of monsters, mysteries and magic. Coming home to Boston was meant to be about returning to ordinary life. After all, he has no magic of his own.

But Doctor Effie Eliades does. Effie is a healer by profession and by magic. She’s known Angelo forever. He’s her brother’s best friend. She grew up knowing that she could trust him with anything. Now, she’ll have to trust him with her secrets and her life because a supernatural threat is killing her patients, and if she is to save them, she needs help.

The threat is real, but Effie is wrong about its target. The Amaranthine Kiss doesn’t want Effie’s patients. It is after her.


The sixteen-year-old girl looked as if she was ninety years old. Straggly gray hair whisped around a wrinkled, sunken face. Her heart was failing. Her lungs barely inflated. Every additional second of life was a struggle.

Dr. Effie Eliades leaned close. “Who did this to you, Jess? What did this to you?”

Soft as a sigh, final and heart-breaking, the dying girl answered. “A kiss.”

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