Friday, July 20, 2018


Posted by: Dani Harper, Author

Summertime and the reading is easy... 

Okay, that's not quite how the old song goes, but it's true. Reading and summer just naturally go together! Writers are readers too, and the authors at Here Be Magic have gotten together to talk about the books they're enjoying this season...

Maureen:  "I just finished reading HAIR OF THE WERE by Eliza March. A fun, paranormal read that's perfect for light summer reading. I'm getting ready for vacation so I'm packing my kindle full of urban fantasy, paranormal romance and magic. My favorite genres to read on the plane and while relaxing on the beach." ~ Maureen L. Bonatch

Linda:  "I may write romance, but I love reading about and watching true crime stories (yay, Investigation ID!). I have a special “fondness” for anything regarding Jack the Ripper. A friend of mine was recently in London, and sent me several new books she found, one of which is THE BANK HOLIDAY MURDERS: The True Story of the First Whitechapel Murders by Tom Wescott. Very interesting reading!" ~ Linda Mooney

Dani:  "Some of my best childhood memories were from summers spent reading at the library or (more often) in a tree. So I often return to old favorites in the summer. Right now I'm RE-reading Neil Gaiman's dark fantasy, NEVERWHERE, Author's Preferred Text, and Isaac Asimov's I, ROBOT.  BTW, I'm not reading in trees anymore. Instead, I read while on my exercise bike. You'd think it'd be safer, but it turns out, I can fall off of that too!" ~ Dani Harper 

Ruth:  "I've just finished reading A SCANDALOUS DEAL by Joanna Shupe. Joanna writes about the Gilded Age, the time between the Civil War and World War I when the US population and economy grew quickly. There was a lot of political corruption and corporate financial misdealings. Many wealthy people lived very fancy lives. This time period is just ripe for romance stories and Joanna is fantastic and capturing the wealth, corruption and heat of it all.
"I read at night when the house is quiet and I can relax. It's my time to get out of the 'here and now' and into another place (usually historical) where I'm sure of a happily ever after." Ruth A Casie

Nicole:  "IRON AND MAGIC by Ilona Andrews. I love the world of alternating magic waves and technology and am so happy that this new spin-off series is starting as I await the last Kate Daniel's book. Hugh D'Ambray makes a great anti-hero and his interactions with his marriage-of-convenience bride, Elara, are a high point." ~ Nicole Luiken 

PG:  "I just started reading THE DEEPEST WELL by Juliette Cross. The Deepest Well is the first book in Juliette's new Dominion series, which is a spin-off of her Vessel Trilogy. Throughout the original trilogy we were teased with hints and glimpses of Kat and George, now we finally get to see the whole story. I can't wait! Even better, book two in the new series (Dommiel's story!) will be out next month." ~ PG Forte

Jody:  "Looking forward to SPINNING SILVER by Naomi Novik and DREAD NATION by Justine Ireland, waiting on my Kindle! Currently reading PROMISE OF FIRE by Amanda Bouchet. My kids are definitely reading more for pleasure over the summer since there’s no homework. But being a writer feels like you always have homework, so I can’t say that the summer is any different, reading-wise, for me than the rest of the year." ~ Jody Wallace

Your turn! What are YOU reading, or planning to read, this summer?

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