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More Adventures in Rebranding: Cover Reveal

Posted by: PG Forte

One of the things keeping me busy lately has been the challenge of re-releasing twenty books. That’s just this year’s total, by the way. Which, coming on the heels of last year’s ten titles, has meant an overhaul of my entire backlist—less one.

It’s been an interesting experience. I’m basically re-inventing myself as an author; and I’ve been learning a lot in the process.

One of the lessons I learned from last year’s bulk re-release was that rushing books back into print en masse, isn’t always a good idea. Book birthdays should be celebrated—and that’s hard to do when you’re releasing several at once. In fact, having tried it that way has kind of made me appreciate what parents of quintuplets (and other multiples) must go through. So this year I’ve been taking things more slowly. I’ll be releasing books individually and with (hopefully) a little more attention than last year’s books received.

With that in mind, I’d like to show off my new cover for IRON.

IRON (which I plan to re-release next month) is the story of a mortal man—a blacksmith, by the name of Gavin O’Malley—who reluctantly comes to the aid of a faery princess. I remember the exact moment the story presented itself to me. I was taking part in an online chat and someone posed the question: “What unlikely pairing would you like to write about?” 

Given that the Fae are well known to have an aversion to iron, and blacksmiths make their living with the stuff, I thought crafting a Happy Ever After for the two of them was pretty damned unlikely.  And, in fact, some people have argued that what I gave them didn’t count as an HEA at all. I disagree, of course, but everyone’s entitled to their opinion.

 In any case, I have always loved this book. It was the first truly stand alone book I wrote. However, I think I must really hate the idea of my books being lonely, or something, because I immediately had to invent a series for it to belong to. The four books in the so-called Celtic Legends series are all standalone stories that have nothing to do with one another other than having a vaguely similar setting: Ireland in the late 1800s; and sub-genre: somewhere along the fantasy/paranormal spectrum.

Book two in the series, OAK, which was previously released as The Oak King, is the story of a mortal woman who falls in love with both the Oak King and the Holly King—two Celtic deities that I’ve re-imagined as tree spirits.  That will also probably be re-released this year.

The other two books I have yet to write, but I hope to have at least one of them out by early next year. Selkie features a reclusive fisherman who rescues a wounded seal shifter; while Flight involves two childhood friends who are finally forced to confront their feelings for each other when they become involved with an owl shifter.

Covers for the other three books are also in the works—which is very exciting. One of the best parts of re-branding is the need for yummy new covers.  Such a hardship!

Nineteenth century Ireland. Blacksmith Gavin O'Malley is a bitter man, with a heart as hard as the iron he forges. He wants his life back—the one that was stolen from him the day his wife died in childbirth—taking their firstborn son with her.

When Aislinn Deirbhile, an immortal, shape-shifting fae, arrives on his doorstep, he knows he's in luck. For Aislinn can give Gavin everything he's been missing: A devoted-seeming wife in the image of his beloved Mairead, and children who are sure to outlive their father. Now, all he has to do is find a way to keep her—without losing his immortal soul in the process.

But Aislinn has an agenda of her own. On the run from a vengeful fae lord who's vowed to either make her his or end her existence, she knows the iron that allows Gavin to take her captive will also keep her pursuers at bay. In order to put herself permanently beyond her enemy's reach, however, Aislinn will need something more. She'll need to win Gavin's heart and convince him to willingly part with a piece of the very soul he's trying to save.

Iron was selected as a Finalist for the EPIC 2011 ebook Awards in the Paranormal Erotic Romance category. 

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