Monday, December 18, 2017

Here Be News

Posted by: Veronica Scott
New Releases:
Sweet Contemporary Romance
by Linda Mooney
Word Count: 20.2K
$1.99 e     

After losing her husband a couple years prior, Lily’s children decide it’s time for her to stop grieving and move on with her life. She’s always wanted to travel, and a few days later she finds herself in New York City. Touring the Big Apple alone on her own schedule is perfectly fine with Lily, but a guided tour from a local proves to be even better.

After repeated run-ins with the redheaded tourist from Tennessee, it seems fate is determined to bring Lily into George’s life. So he decides to take a chance for the first time in over twenty years.

Both have had heartache in their pasts. Both have loved and lost. Can they open up their hearts and risk the hurt again? Will they listen when the heart whispers?   

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Other News:

The Holiday Spirit by Dani Harper was included in the December Recommended Reading post by BookWorks. 

You can read it at

This occurred within two days of the book receiving its BRAND NEW COVER and NEW BACK COVER BLURB (read it below), which hadn't even been announced yet!

From the Back Cover:


Shopping for Christmas, author Kerri Tollbrook is more annoyed than startled when a ghost tells her a gift she's about to buy will end up in the nearest donation bin. He's right, and well... gorgeous with those haunted brown eyes and self-assured bearing. Unlike most men, he's not afraid of her unusual gift. And the connection she feels surprises her. But even she can't date a dead man.


Firefighter Galen McAllister is stunned the petite redhead can see and hear him. It feels almost normal to talk to another human again, but if things were truly normal, he'd alread be asking her out. The woman is a triple threat – smart, funny, pretty, even if she's insisting he needs to "cross over". He can't, not after an ancient evil ripped him away from his body. And he refuses to leave as long as the creature is free to do the same to others.


There's no time to kiss under the mistletoe. The demon with a taste for human life force is coming back for a final feast. Helping ghosts is one thing, but Kerri is determined to banish the monster by any means necessary, even if Galen only wants enough "answers" to help him take the demon down himself.

She can't let Galen die for real. He can't bear to put Kerri in the creature's path. But if they don't work together on this, they aren't the only ones who will die just in time for Christmas.


The Holiday Spirit is available in ebook and paperback on Amazon.

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Veronica Scott's scifi romance THE FATED STARS received a terrific review from the Whiskey With My Book Blog!

Bring It Back(list) Feature: see above item from Dani, as this was our Back(list) Feature of the week.

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