Wednesday, September 27, 2017

Writing in the Midst of a Storm

Posted by: Linda Mooney
On Thursday, August 24th, I uploaded my newest book, Predator of the Pines, Subwoofers #4, (which coincidentally has a hurricane scenario much like what occurred the next 7 days). Normally when I finish one book, I give myself a few days' grace before starting my next book.

On Friday the 25th, Hurricane Harvey hit the Texas gulf coast and came directly over my town. Electricity went out. Water dried up. We were hunkered down as the brunt of the storm hovered over us, and we did the best we could to ride it out.

But I'm a writer. And, wouldn't you know it, my muse wouldn't leave me alone.

Initially, I'd thought about trying to record a few chapters on my phone, but that action used up too much juice. So I reverted back to my old tried-and-true method of grabbing a spiral and jotting it by hand.

As a result, I discovered a couple of things along the way. I was also able to do my edits, so that by the time I could transfer it to the computer, it was pristine (or as close as it could be.) I also realized I still have crappy handwriting, so it took some effort to 1. write as legibly as I could so I could decipher it later, and 2. understand that the old way is much slower.  Muuuuuch sloooooower than it would have taken using the computer (or a non-electric typewriter). BUT I was writing! And it helped to pass the time while we prayed for the hurricane to move on, and waited for the electricity and water to be restored.

Oh, and thank goodness for PRINT books!

* * *

Deities, Book 1
Contemporary Fantasy/Apocalyptic Romance

Word Count: 34.8K
$2.99 e

It's time for the earth to be cleansed.

Released after eons of being imprisoned and tortured, Aeron and his three brothers are ordered by the remaining old gods to bring the Apocalypse upon the world. Humanity has failed them too many times, and the Reckoning is overdue.

As the deity of the air and sky, it's Aeron's duty to bring about massive storms to wipe out civilization. Tornadoes, hurricanes, lightning - all are at his bidding, and Aeron is more than willing to do whatever he is requested to do. He will mete out the worst he can conjure, as long as it means he'll no longer be bound within the hot, dark confines deep within the bowels of the Earth.

Ceris Shahan is terrified of flying. But when the president of the company demands she be at the summit conference clear across the continent the next day, she has no choice but to take the next plane out. If her phobia wasn't debilitating enough, they run into turbulence that doesn't end. Tossed about, bruised and injured amid the ugly black clouds that continue to engulf them, she and the other passengers soon realize they will not survive.

When Ceris spots a figure outside the window, a man who appears to be standing amid the thunderheads and is surrounded by an aura of light, she starts to doubt her own sanity. Yet, when the man turns to find her staring at him, the look of stunned disbelief on his face is undeniable.

She shouldn't be able to see him, but she can. Realizing what this could mean, Aeron decides to risk everything, even his freedom, to rescue and protect the woman from the annihilation of all mankind.

Warning! Contains scenes of mass destruction, two apples, the plane ride from hell, stainless steel, extreme arrogance, an odd utility tool, and two people hoping for a future, any kind of future, as long as they can share it together.

Excerpt and buy links.

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