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Is Reading a Way to Procrastinate?

Posted by: Maureen
By Maureen L. Bonatch

My mother is an avid reader. She taught me about the joy of books at a very young age. I have fond memories of her reading a chapter or two from novels like the Little House on the Prairie series to my sister and I before bed each night. Our cherished library cards were worn from repeated use.                  
A Photo I took of My Daughter's TBR Jar :) 
There was nothing better than spending an afternoon escaping to the world captured between the pages.

It was hard for me to imagine anyone not deriving the same pleasure from a good book. But I knew those people existed. Because our household validated that there are two types of people. Readers and the non-readers. And my father fell into the second group.

I Have Better Things to Do

As a non-reader oblivious to the benefits of a book, my father always felt there were better things to do than ‘waste your day’ reading a book. He viewed reading as a form of procrastination to avoid doing other necessary tasks. These things usually involved extra chores since obviously we’d turned to reading as a last resort to defeat overwhelming boredom.

It’s unfortunate I wasn’t outspoken enough to retort with many of the benefits of reading such as:

·      Increasing your knowledge base and vocabulary with a wealth of topics and worlds to explore
·      Improving your health by exercising your brain with mental stimulation and improving memory
·      Reducing stress by embracing the tranquility a book can provide

I Don’t Have Time to Read

I still encounter many non-readers and often hold my tongue as they insist that it isn’t that they don’t want to read, it’s just that they don’t have the time to read. We all have the same 24 hours in a day. Readers realize that there is always time to read because when you love to read you make the time. Whether it’s by:
  •       Making productive, positive use of wasted time while waiting for an appointment
  •       Choosing to read a book over watching television
  •       Bringing a book with you to capture spare minutes while your kids are in an activity or during your lunch break 

Read a Book Day or Fight Procrastination Day

Today (September 6th) is Read a Book Day. Why not promote reading to try to convert the non-readers and welcome them to the wonders of reading.

  •       Social Media- Take a minute to share #ReadABook
  •       Donate Books- Local libraries and schools often accept books.
      • Make a book basket for a charity auction featuring either your books, your favorite authors or author friends.
  •       Give a Book as a Gift- I always give a book as a gift at a baby shower and have found many people are thrilled to receive a special author autographed copy of a book.
                       *Check out an author’s website to see if they offer 
                 autographed copies.  
  •      Introduce them to Different Forms of Books and Genres. The glorious thing about books is that there really is something for everyone.

o   Whatever you like to read- romance, paranormal, fantasy, crime, young adult etc.  
o   Whatever format you prefer- audiobook, paperback, ebook etc.

Raising a New Generation of Readers

I’ve instilled a love of reading in my girls. I’m thrilled that their gift lists are always predominantly books and the walls of their rooms are filled with their cherished treasures.

Today is also Fight Procrastination Day today. I don’t consider reading as procrastination. I consider it a necessity. But if I did, it would be my favorite form of procrastination.

What Are Your Suggestions to Welcome Non-Readers to the World of Books?

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