Tuesday, September 12, 2017

National Chocolate Shake Day

Posted by: Ruth A Casie
Georg Ludwig was born May 1660 in Hanover, Germany. His grandmother was the daughter of James I, King of England, Ireland, and Scotland. After the deaths of his cousins and Queen Anne, there was no direct bloodline to the throne. George ascended to the throne and changed his German name (Georg Ludwig) to George R(ex).

Changing his name would not be enough to win over his new subjects. He came tonEngland wireless, but with his mistress after being held in prison in Hanover for adultery. His new subjects called him the turnips king. They thought that was the only produce in Hanover.

He kept his own servants much to the chagrin of the English aristocracy. He spoke little English preferring French and Latin. He dined in public at Hampton Court. Like Henry VIII, George I used food, festivities, and entertainment as a sign of power.

The Tudor building in disrepair was repaired. A key part of the renovation were the three new kitchens, a confectionery kitchen, a spice kitchen, and a chocolate
kitchen. Usually the kitchen was hidden, but with this renovation the kitchens were in the midst of the buildings. Food was a symbol of royal status and power. The aromas emanating from the nearby kitchens enticed guests as the strolled.

Chocolate was a key component of the entertainment and was embraced by King George I. The king even hired his own personal chocolate maker. the Chocolate Kitchen and the Chocolate Room were located near the king's back stairs, a short trip to present the delicious treat to the royals.

Chocolate was a status symbol, only for the elite and those that worked with chocolate were highly respected.

The Chocolate House on Chocolate Row (now West Grove) in Greenwich London was very popular with London society and frequented by the wealthy. Taxes on chocolate were higher than taxes on tea and coffee. Chocolate Houses were almost as exclusive as clubs.

One of the recipes the wealthy enjoyed was Chocolate Wine

To make 4 cups
4 1/2 oz dark cooking chocolate
16 oz ruby port
2/3 tsp caster (extra fine) sugar
1/2 oz rice or plain flour

1. Pour the port into a sauce pan.
2. Break up the chocolate into small chunks and add it to the sauce pan.
3. Add the sugar to taste.
4. Whisk in the flour.
5. Cook over low heat for 10 minutes until small bubbles form around the edge. Do Not Boil.
6. Whisk the chocolate mixture together until smooth.
7. Pout into cups.

This may not be a chocolate milk shake, but how much better can it get... chocolate and wine!!!

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