Thursday, January 19, 2017

5 Great Ways to Deal With Those Unwanted Christmas Presents

Posted by: Linda Mooney

We've all gotten them. Neat little gifts that we know we'll have absolutely no need to use or want, but are too much trouble to try to return to the stores. So what do you do with them, other than re-gifting?

1. Have a Swap Party
You and several friends get together and bring some of those gifts to trade off, one for one. So if you bring two items, you get two items. Just be sure you don't offer anything that was given to you by one of your guests.

2. Authors, Give It as Part of a Swag Bag Prize
After a while readers tire of bookmarks, pens, and postcards. Toss a few of those little no-wants into a basket or bag, and hold a contest.

3. Donate
Take some of the more practical items to places that could use them. One year I'd gotten several dish towels and pillowcases. Those I didn't want I gave, along with a crocheted blanket and a manicure kit, to a day care. I've also taken some things to my local animal shelter.

4. Authors, Offer as a Freebie at Book Signings
I take a box of no-wants with me to book signings. I offer anything in the box as a freebie for every book purchased. I actually had a reader buy a book simply because she wanted a bracelet I had to give away.

5. Garage/Sidewalk Sale


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