Friday, September 2, 2016

Back to School Do-Over

Posted by: Joely Sue Burkhart
Ah, what's that I hear in the distance? Oh yes, it's the rumble of bus engines running through our subdivision again!

Back to school isn't all kids' tears and parents' cheers though.  At my house, school means I'm back to getting up at 5:45 AM to get everyone out the door. It means my calendar is crazy with basketball preseason preparations, daily marching band practices and weekly competitions through the fall, and my absolute favorite: helping with algebra homework via text messages because my kid is too lazy to come upstairs and ask for help.  Not.

In all seriousness, I do love this time of year. It's a do-over.  And I really need a do-over this year.

We like to set goals in January for the upcoming year, but for me, back to school gives me a chance to pause, take a breath, and try to get myself back on schedule before the business of the holiday season sets in.  And of course, we mustn't forget all the great school supplies on sale everywhere you go.  What author doesn't like notebooks, pens, planners, binders, stickers...?  I mean, look at these stickers! How cute!
Plus the heat of the dog days of summer is slowly easing, leading to my favorite time of the year: fall. I can't wait for the cooler temps, colorful foliage, pumpkins on everyone's door steps, and an excuse to make a big pot of chili for the first chilly frost.

My do-over:  FINISH something yet this year!  (I've started about half a dozen new projects this year and only managed to finish one.)  

What's your back-to-school do-over?

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