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Author Interviews: What Not To Do!

Posted by: Jody W. and Meankitty

prodigal by jody wallace

To celebrate the release of the third book in what's probably a trilogy, the Maelstrom Chronicles, I've been doing a blog tour and I've answered quite a few questions! It's fun, so I thought today I'd interview myself. This is probably a good example of how not to do promo, but I enjoyed it :).

1. Can you remember the first romance novel you read?

The Sheik's Captive by Violet Winspear. Punishing kisses have been branded on my brain since I was 12!

2. Can you remember when you first decided to write romances?

In my 20s.

3. Which ties into, why do you write romances or books with heavy romantic subplots? 

My 20s. (Note: I didn't settle down until I was 30...)

4. How do you handle people who disrespect your profession?


5. How long and steep was your uphill battle to get published?

There was snow, and I had no shoes, and...

6. Do you ever clean your house or get 8 hours of sleep (in a row, not collectively over 3 days)?


7. One piece of advice for aspiring writers:

Finish writing the book, even if you think it's crappy.

8. One piece of advice for readers new to romance:

If you end up not liking it, don't be an ass about it. There are people out there who don't like chocolate, and romances are pretty much the chocolate of the genre fiction world.

9. What do people usually do when they find out you're an author? 

"Well, bless your heart." (I live in the South.)

10. Do you like book signings, writers' conferences, and otherwise appearing in public as your author self?


11. How has your career or your writing day changed due to all the changes in the industry right now? 

I'm so effing desperate and bad at doing promo, I'm interviewing myself. What do you think?

12. If you weren't a writer, what would you be besides wealthier and possessed of a great deal more free time? Oops, am I making not-writing sound very appealing? Okay, what would you be besides empty and depressed because you weren't telling lies for fun and profit?

I'd be an editor. Speaking of which... http://www.meankittyediting.com

13. Is writing your primary outlet for creativity or do you have others you'd like to share?

I also crochet penises. Like you do.

14. What's one very annoying thing about being an author?


15. What's the most appealing thing about a writing career that keeps you going back for more, time and again?

I like to lie.

16. What was the most marked creative or writer's block you can remember having, and how you did you recover from your brain drought?

It started earlier this year, and that's all I'm saying about that.

17. What do your family and friends think about your writing career?

They think it would be nice if I made more money so we didn't have to cut grocery coupons and make our own yogurt.

18. Let's say you were going to be devoid of a computer, the internet or any type of word processor for a year, but you would have an ample supply of pens, pencils and paper. Would you keep writing? 


19. If you would keep writing, what if you were also going to be devoid of research materials for that year? How would you write around that?

Duh. Lie?

20. Let's say you wouldn't even have paper and... Ok, let's not say that. This is an interview, not a nightmare counseling session. Speaking of which, in your current WIP, what do you think your protagonists would have nightmares about?

Having to interview themselves, probably.


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  1. LMAO! Great interview. BTW, where did you find that pic of Mr. Pinky and friends? (Or are those truly your own creations?) I have a group I HAVE to share it with.

  2. Mr Pinky and Friends are truly my own creation. I just made two Deadpools for customers (you can imagine I don't have many customers LOL), and I have a set of Peenvengers who go on adventures saving the world.


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