Friday, August 19, 2016

What I'll Miss After The Apocalypse

Posted by: Jody W. and Meankitty
Contrary to what you might expect, this isn't a political post about what I think will happen if Trump wins the upcoming US Presidential election. I'm about to release (via Entangled Publishing) PRODIGAL, the third book in my SF-romance trilogy, the Maelstrom Chronicles, and it all takes place after an alien invasion that pretty much serves as an apocalypse. The book comes out September 5, and the hero is a character we've heard mentioned in the previous two books and would never have expected to become a hero...because he's the guy who kind of CAUSED the apocalypse in the first place, by failing in his job to prevent it.

Apocalypses are popular fare in our media. We've been watching The Last Ship and enjoyed Falling Skies when it was on, and I've been thinking a lot about what humans would really do in times of great crisis like pandemics or zombie hordes. While we don't watch The Walking Dead, I've heard it is a gritty representation of post-apocalyptic times. Also -- Defiance (post apocalypse alien invasion all out war and not much like my books), and does anyone remember Dark Angel? Man, that was a fun two season show! Lots of movies (FURIOSA!) and books about apocalypses, too, proving I'm not the only creator fascinated by this plot line.


What would YOU miss after the apocalypse? Beyond standard fare like "my family" and "what we consider a normal life in the US," there's electricity, air conditioning, modern medicine, coffee, chocolate, washing machines... Travel for pleasure. Frivolous stuff indeed, but still a hallmark of our civilization. In some part it depends on the kind of apocalypse, and how savage humanity ends up becoming. In many many many interpretations, of course, it's all-out Patriarchal Darwinism with women being chattel, and you can see countless glimmers in today's world cultures why this is a logical conclusion.

My characters in the Maelstrom trilogy get involved with the "good aliens" who have advanced medicine, the loss of which is probably one of my biggest concerns. But they have to struggle with limited supplies, waste disposal, bandits, food, livestock, and so on, though not in such gritty detail that I've written a survival manual.

Started a Pinterest board for when I think of things I'd miss... this list currently has a lot of chocolate on it, heh.

Tell me what you'd miss in the comments! If you want to participate in my upcoming blog tour, you're more than welcome. Think of it as free blog content for a day that will probably involve cats and snark.

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  1. Chocolate, definitely. Fresh fruit in wintertime--canned and dried fruit is just not the same.


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