Friday, August 26, 2016

Coming soon - DISRUPTOR

Posted by: Sonya
In the fictional city of Point Sable, there’s a ghost haunting the rough neighborhood of Cabrini. A cry for help will be met by a hooded figure who quickly dispatches assailants, leaving would-be victims safe, and with a strange story to tell. As these stories begin to spread via word of mouth and social media, the mysterious vigilante becomes known as the Cabrini Ghost.

But Dani is no ghost. She is on the run, from the secret lab that made her into more than human with genetic enhancements and cybernetic implants. She is on the run from the nightmares of her past, haunted by abuse, by memories of being kidnapped by the traffickers who sold her to the lab. Mostly, though, she’s on the run from her own mistakes. Her own sins. Rage may be a constant companion, but it’s not what sends her out into the streets to help people. Dani is seeking atonement.

Her backstory is definitely dark. More than one beta reader commented on that aspect of DISRUPTOR. For about two seconds, I considered making some changes. But superhero stories are larger than life, full of extremes, and so are their origin stories. Normal people don’t just decide to become superheroes. Something is done to them, or some event pushes them off the edge of what they can endure. To me, it made sense for a superhero story to start in darkness.

But that doesn’t mean a superhero has to wallow in darkness. Dani finds glimpses of light, in her interactions with good people, in her burgeoning relationship with her sidekick Kevin. She finds light in herself too, in her own unwillingness to close herself off from people and be the brooding loner. Her journey as a character – as a hero – may begin in darkness, but it won’t stay there. DISRUPTOR is about Dani’s origin as a hero, the first book of a planned trilogy, the beginning of a story with threads of action, humor, romance, crime-fighting, people-saving, weird science, friendship, and redemption.

Runaway. Experiment. Superhero? 
The streets were the safest place for Dani, until the night she was caught by traffickers who sold her to a laboratory. She survived five years of experiments: biotech implants, gene therapy, and other things she could barely comprehend. The pain, though, that she understood. The lab pushed her body past its limits, drove her mind to its darkest corners, but somehow her spirit remained unbroken. She escaped, and sought refuge on the streets once again. But this time she doesn’t run away from cries for help. Now, she runs toward them. 
Playboy. Dilettante. Sidekick? 
Kevin Moynihan is the youngest son of Point Sable’s most wealthy and storied family. A permanent fixture in the society pages, he’s known for his good looks, his charm, and his aversion to an honest day’s work. His life is a whirlwind of fast women, faster cars, all night parties and endless champagne – until his latest drunk and disorderly charge lands him a stint doing community service in the roughest part of town. The part of town where someone is always screaming for help. 
A chance meeting will bring two unlikely people together – first as reluctant allies, then friends, and finally partners.

DISRUPTOR is now available for pre-order and will be released on September 19th. Buy links and the first chapter can be found here.

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