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Win-A-Book Wednesday with Shawna Reppert!

Posted by: Jax Garren
Shawna Reppert

From earliest childhood, Shawna Reppert has had a passion for stories-- for reading them and for writing them. She obtained a BA in English with a Writing Option from Penn State University and has participated in numerous writing workshops and seminars given by the likes of Charles de Lint, David Farland and Elizabeth Lyon. She sold several short stories to 'zines and one to the second Gears and Levers anthology before publishing her debut novel, The Stolen Luck, with Carina Press in may of 2013. That novel won a Silver Medal for original-world fantasy in the Global E Book Awards and is currently a finalist for an Eppie in fantasy romance. She published the urban fantasy Ravensblood on 10/31/13, and is currently working on the sequel while other projects work their way through the marketing pipeline. She also has some short fiction for sale on Amazon, including a two-fer of short pieces set in the Ravensblood universe.

Shawna has always had an affinity for wolves, and used to keep a wolf-dog hybrid as a pet. Her current four-footed children are a Lipizzan stallion and an orange-and-black cat named Samhain. She enjoys Irish social dancing and is an ardent supporter of live Irish music. Shawna also likes to play with the Society for Creative Anachronism and can sometimes be found in medieval garb on a caparisoned horse, throwing javelins into innocent hay bales that never did anything to her.

A Pennsylvania native, she currently lives in the beautiful wine county of Oregon.

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Win a copy of RAVENSBLOOD below.  (ADDED:  Ravensblood currently available in E-book only!)


In a life of impossible choices when sometimes death magic is the lesser of the evils, can a dark mage save the world and his own soul?

Corwyn Ravenscroft. Raven. The last heir of an ancient family of dark mages, he holds the secret to recreating the Ravensblood, a legendary magical artifact of immense power.

Cassandra Greensdowne is a Guardian. Magical law enforcement for the elected council— and Raven’s former apprentice and lover. She is trying to live down her past. And then her past comes to the door, asking for her help.

As a youth, Raven wanted to be a Guardian but was rejected because of his ancestry. In his pride and his anger, he had turned to William, the darkest and most powerful mage of their time. William wants a return to the old ways, where the most powerful mage was ruler absolute. But William would not be a True King from the fairy tales. He would reign in blood and terror and darkest magic.

Raven discovers that he does have a conscience. It’s rather inconvenient.

He becomes a spy for the council that William wants to overthrow, with Cassandra as his contact.

Cass and Raven have a plan to trap William outside his warded sanctuary. But William is one step ahead of the game, with Raven’s life, his soul, and the Ravensblood all in danger.

A/N:  I was asked to write a little about why I'm offering this book in the giveaway.  It's simple.  As an avid reader, I know the thrill of discovering a new writer.  I also know how easy it is to be overwhelmed by the sheer number of choices available, and how it can be difficult to take that first risk with an unknown.  So this is one way to persuade a reader to take a chance.  And if you aren't the lucky winner, please remember that the first three chapters can be read for free at my website!


  1. Thanks much for having Shawna visit this week. I love discovering new authors & books too! The book sounds great *finger crossed*


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